'Blue or green?': Aspyn Ovard's latest TikTok sparks debate over shirts' color on net

'Blue or green?': Aspyn Ovard's latest TikTok sparks debate over shirts' color on net
TikTok star Aspyn Ovard (R) said both daddy and baby wore matching 'blue' shirts (aspynovard/TikTok)

A TikTok influencer recently shared some adorable footage of her husband and daughter wearing matching outfits and striking rather cute poses. Little did she know that her cute clip spark a debate among netizens.

Twenty-five-year-old Aspyn Ovard from Utah posted a clip of her husband Parker getting a super cute kiss on his cheek from their two-year-old Cove on her TikTok on Wednesday, February 23. In her caption, Aspyn wrote, "She went to put on her blue shirt so she could match her daddy." The mention of the "wrong" color sparked a serious and furious debate online. Here is what Aspyn did. 


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While quite a few viewers simply commented on how heart-touching the clip was, others could not resist talking about the color of the shirt that was incorrectly stated by Aspyn. One comment read, "BLUE??? That's green babes," while another said, "There is not one hint of blue in that shirt hon." Agreeing with the common opinion, another added, "The shirts are so green it hurts me."

On the other hand, a very few users admitted they saw hints of blue in the shirts. Regardless, Aspyn went ahead and double-backed her original color claim. In the following TikTok she shared, Aspyn said, "No, that is definitely blue." This follow-up was with a view to getting even more followers arguing over the color. 

In another TikTok, she asked for the opinion of her little one, Cove by asking her what the color of the shirt was. Cove very adorably replied, "Blue." To prove that she was right, this mother of two went on to Google and searched for a "green shirt". This resulted in some of her viewers accusing her of being color blind.

A practical user suggested, "SHOW US WHAT THE COLOR ONLINE SAYS WHEN YOU BOUGHT IT?" This is when the debate came to an end. As Aspyn pulled up the description of the shirt in the series of these following videos, she was in shock. The description listed the color as "sea green" In the caption, she wrote, "I hate everyone."

With this debate, many were reminded of the gold/blue dress debate from 2015. 

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