'Sassy Gran' Doris recalls savage revenge on cheating husband and his lady friend

The 94-year-old TikToker's hilariously savage video has been viewed over 57 million times

                            'Sassy Gran' Doris recalls savage revenge on cheating husband and his lady friend
Sassy Gran Doris' video about her cheating husband has been viewed 57 million times on Facebook and TikTok (Instagram/ sassy_gran_doris)

Every now and then you come across someone on social media who is so refreshing that they can brighten up anyone's day. That must be the case for a 94-year-old grandmother who has taken over the internet in a big way — impressing anyone and everyone who comes across her videos with her sass. Lately, a video of her has been doing the rounds on the internet of how she handled her cheating husband and took care of the affair. 

"Sassy Gran Doris", as she has been deemed on social media, is not your usual grandmother. She has a few tricks up her sleeves. The grandmother from California impressively handled her womanizing husband years ago and is now sharing her story. It was after her grandson Gio took to TikTok to post funny videos showing off her bold personality that Doris gained more than 668,000 followers by posting funny videos showing off her bold personality. On Instagram, she had over 75.9K followers. 

What happened when Gran Doris found her husband was cheating? (TikTok/ @sassygran)

In one very popular clip, Doris recalls how she got back at her cheating husband — and his 'lady friend'. The video has been viewed more than 57 million times across TikTok and Facebook — reportedly been watched 13.1 million times on TikTok, and an additional 44 million times on Facebook. In the clip, Gio can be seen prompting his grandmother, reminding her of how she was young when she found out her husband had a girlfriend.

"So you found out who she was, made friendly with her, and then what happened?" he asked. Doris then happily recalled how she acted. "We went out drinking," she said. "And I wasn't hardly drinking, I was just putting it to her good and I said, "Well, we better go eat, so we can go home."

"So you found out who she was, made friendly with her, and then what happened?" her grandson asked to get her started with the story (TikTok/ sassygran)

"And she was so drunk, her face went right down in her food, and that's where it stayed," she recalled in the video. She then phoned up her husband to let him know the jig was up. "I called him and told [him], 'Come and get your lady friend. Her face is in the food'," she said. Gio then told his grandma this is 'savage.' "I know and I love it," she replied.

Many other videos on her social media account show how Doris' personality is actually a no-f**ks-given one. And this has earned her and new-found following on social media. "Beautiful and savage grandma. 12/10 grandpa’s loss," one wrote. "I love her! She reminds me of my great grandma,but she’s 102 years old. But she’s still sassy and fiery lol," said another. A third follower wrote, "She might be my spirit animal."

Most of Sassy Gran's videos are with her grandson Gio (Instagram/ sassy_gran_doris)

Another user wrote, "OH sassy grandma I love you. Amazing woman!" And yet another user said, "I hope that I’m this sassy at 94! This G-ma is a beast." Grandma Doris recently told Steve Harvey that she loves being famous, because 'I get all kinds of people — oh, you should see the mail I get!'

In a follow-up video, Doris said how she wanted more revenge. "I wanted to slap her face black and blue," she said. She eventually went on to leave her cheating husband and take her five kids with her. After her second divorce, she was reportedly working three jobs to take care of her children. Doris went on to start her own daycare center, where people on welfare didn't have to pay.