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TikTok pervert cesspool: Moms are deleting ALL videos of children after toddler Wren Eleanor scandal

Wren Eleanor's mother, Jacquelyn, has been accused of deliberately curating her child's videos to cater to adult perverts and exploiting her for views
UPDATED JUL 19, 2022
TikTok mom Kelso LeBlanc (L) was one of many to speak out against Wren Eleanor's mother (R) Jacquelyn (TikTok/@allthings.kelso, Instagram/@tiktokwren)
TikTok mom Kelso LeBlanc (L) was one of many to speak out against Wren Eleanor's mother (R) Jacquelyn (TikTok/@allthings.kelso, Instagram/@tiktokwren)

A mother has declared she's deleting all her TikToks featuring her young daughter and is also removing "tons" of followers after learning about the Wren Eleanor case. However, she's not the only one.

TikToker Kelso Dawn LeBlanc, who goes by the handle @allthings.kelso, posted a video with the caption #savethechildren, garnering nearly a million views at the time of publication. In it, she spoke about how little children should not be exploited for views. She referred to little Wren Eleanor — once TikTok's favorite three-year-old, who had over 17 million followers on the platform and around 350 million views for her videos. However, her account has sparked a storm that has turned many on the platform against her mother Jacquelyn, who has been accused of exploiting her child for adult viewers.


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Most of Eleanor's videos show the toddler in various outfits, dancing and playing around. However, several concerned mothers are claiming the account is not as innocent as it appears. “What caught my attention was there was a video of her little girl that had a tampon and she was posed in a kind of an inappropriate way and she was like playing with a tampon,” @allthings.kelso explained in her post. She pointed out that the video in question had almost 400,000 saves and thousands of “creeps” in the comments.


While the TikTok post has since been taken down, Kelso is not the first mom to raise an alarm about the "questionable" videos -- including one showing Eleanor taking a bath in a bathing suit -- which has more saves than any of her other videos. 


Many pointed out the massive number of saves on Eleanor's videos in which she is wearing a more revealing outfit or appearing to pose in an adult way. As noted by the Daily Dot, the child's bathtub video has over 58,000 saves whereas others have an average of 5,000 to 10,000 saves. Several TikTok duets exposed the hundreds of commenters who were sexualizing the toddler, typing lewd remarks. Some moms acknowledged that online predators were the main problem, but also slammed Eleanor's mother for the content being posted on her account.


“Obviously there are creeps everywhere and they’re a lot of things you cannot control when it comes to protecting children,” Kelso said in a follow-up video. “But you can control the content you post of your own children on social media.” Another TikToker Danielle, who goes by the handle @douladanielletilley, received over 10 million views on a video urging parents to reconsider posting their kids' photos online. She noted how she found a man on Pinterest who commented on one of Eleanor's photos, and his entire Pinterest is filled with pins of children's feet. “It’s the creeps’ fault and I agree, but the fact of the matter is they are out there and they are not leaving any time soon,” Danielle added through tears. “And it is your job as a parent to protect your child.” 

Many have accused Jacquelyn of ignoring the commentary and deliberately curating her child's content to cater to adult male perverts. By posting revealing poses of Wren and dressing her in "scandalous" outfits, they feel Jacquelyn is risking the safety of her child. The mother appears to have addressed the allegations in a now-deleted video that is making the rounds on TikTok. The clip apparently shows her joking about how she is being accused of "exploiting her child."



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That said, there is no reported evidence of child exploitation by Jacquelin at the time of publication. However, many believe the tiny TikTok star is in danger and are hoping to de-platform the mother. “What bothers me the most about this specific type of child exploitation where a parent basically uses their kid as a farm for content is that the law hasn’t adapted yet to the current realities of social media,” TikToker Alexia, who goes by the handle @hotweirdg0rl, said in a video. “These kids are completely unprotected by child labor laws. It’s one thing to put your kids in content, I actually think that’s fine provided that you’re not exploiting their privacy and keeping it respectful. But people like [Jacquelyn] don’t," she alleged.