Was Tiger Woods' accident a hoax? Barstool's Kevin 'KFC' Clancy slammed as 'scumbag' for deleted 'bad joke'

Clancy wrote, 'I deleted my tiger tweets, even though I believe in wearing your bad tweets. But I deleted it because it’s upsetting people, so it’s gone'

                            Was Tiger Woods' accident a hoax? Barstool's Kevin 'KFC' Clancy slammed as 'scumbag' for deleted 'bad joke'
Kevin Clancy deletes Tiger Woods' tweets after being slammed online (Instagram/Kevin Clancy, Getty Images)

Barstool Sports personality Kevin ‘KFC’ Clancy has found himself in hot water after making controversial tweets about professional golfer Tiger Woods. On February 23, 2021, multiple reports confirmed that Woods had been involved in a violent single-car crash. The details about the accident were scarce, it was, however, confirmed that Woods was transported to the hospital in serious condition. But Clancy’s now-deleted tweets implied how he thought that it would be yet another hoax news.

CNN reported that Woods suffered “multiple leg injuries” and is currently in surgery. His agent Mark Steinberg confirmed, “Tiger Woods was in a single-car accident this morning in California where he suffered multiple leg injuries. He is currently in surgery, and we thank you for your privacy and support”.


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Tiger Woods (Getty Images)


Following the report of Woods undergoing emergency surgery, most of the sports community responded to the news somberly, with nothing but best wishes in mind. However, Clancy posted some controversial tweets that did not sit too well with Twitter users.

"You cheated on your pregnant wife"

Even though Woods' accident is real, in a now-deleted tweet, Clancy wrote, “Hoax city, population 1: Tiger Woods.” In a follow-up tweet, he wrote, “Hoax city, population 2: Tiger woods, and the LA Sheriffs dept”. Needless to say, his tweets angered several, prompting him to delete the tweet and issue an apology of some sort. One user tweeted, "Of course it’s from barstool. Nasty bunch." Another wrote: "This is why no one respects Barstool".



Following the hatred, Clancy deleted his tweet and explained the reason behind tweeting such stuff. He wrote, "I deleted my tiger tweets, even though I believe in wearing your bad tweets. But I deleted it because it’s upsetting people, so it’s gone. I got no problem admitting when I got bad tweets/jokes/moments". 

In a follow-up tweet when a person responded to him by saying that there is a difference between "joking" and "doing what you did", Clancy kept on explaining the 'hoax' bit by writing, "It was not a joke. It was that I genuinely related this incident to the the 6 other times that there have been identical tweets about athletes breaking both their legs in a car accident. The exact hoax headline ppl have used for yrs was tragically true this time. I got it wrong".



That being said, Clancy's tweet has angered several users, including Woods' fans who are genuinely concerned about his health. One user tweeted: "Kevin this would make sense if literally anyone besides you said they know what “hoax headline” you’re talking about". Another wrote, "But you doubled down on the hoax after seeing an official statement from the LA County Sheriff??" A third user tweeted, "'I deleted it because it’s upsetting people, not because I realized that I was wrong, because I’m a classless, inhumane person who only cares about clicks and merchandise.' Please fire him, @[email protected]". Another tweeted, "It is not a mistake you have no filter... someone got seriously injured(famous or not) You have to know your limits. apparantly you don't.. PRETTY SAD". While another wrote, "Scumbag KFC".






Meanwhile, when Molly McAleer from 'Mother, May I Sleep With Podcast?' asked Clancy to explain to her the reason for tweeting something like this, Clancy responded to her by sharing a couple of previous tweets mentioning the accidents of several athletes and how it all turned out to be a hoax. He wrote: "Let me explain the hoax part A) not a joke 2) I didnt say Tiger made up the hoax d) Over the years EIGHT athletes have had this exact story made up about them. Peyton Manning, tony romo, Mike Vick, Jay cutler, Russell Wilson, cam Newton, Joe flacco all had the same headline".


Clancy further added the real reason behind his tweets. He wrote, "when I saw a single tweet saying an athlete broke his legs, in my experience the last 10+yrs thats always a fake headline So again, I didnt make it up. I was not joking. Just thought it wasnt real". Tiger Woods' fans didn't spare Clancy and even reminded him of the time when he cheated on his pregnant wife Caitlin Nugent Clancy. One user wrote: "I unblocked you to remind you of that time you cheated on your pregnant wife".



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