'The Tiger King and I' host Joel McHale 'worse than tiger killers', say fans as they demand a serious episode

'The Tiger King and I' host Joel McHale 'worse than tiger killers', say fans as they demand a serious episode
Rick Kirkham and Joel McHale (Netflix)

The roaring success and popularity of 'Tiger King' doesn't seem to die down any time soon. And just to make sure it doesn't entirely leave the minds of fans, Netflix dropped another episode hosted by Joel McHale.

Featuring key players from the documentary, such as Jeff and Lauren Lowe, current owners of the GW Zoo, Erik Cowie, the head zookeeper, Jon Finlay, John Reinke, Kelci 'Saff' Saffery, campaign manager Josh Dial, and former producer Rick Kirkman, the 40-minute episode spills the beans on Joe Exotic's atrocious kinks as a set of bizarre stories follow.

Owing to the fact that McHale is a comedian, the episode is peppered with jokes and sarcastic humor instead of a serious one-on-one interview with all the 'Tiger King' stars. Several fans seem to be angry at the producers for the new episode. Slamming it as "low budget and slapdash," one fan wrote, "Feels like this was low budget and slapdash. The editing was boring, you should have cut everyone's interviews together and made a story out of it, rather than separate interviews with cheesy jokes. Probably the worst thing Netflix has put out."

Another wrote, "Watching #TigerKingandI Can't help but wonder what Netflix is doing to support righting the wrongs seen in #TigerKing. If you are going to profit from the abuse/exploitation of animals you should make up for it. Let's face it, TigerKing glorifies & makes fun of animal cruelty."

Jeff and Lauren Lowe (Netflix)

Moreover, too many people are blaming the host, McHale. "Could they have found a WORSE person to interview #tigerkingandi than Joel McHale??? #TigerKing," one said and another posted, "Like it wasn’t taken seriously AT ALL and some of the questions were just jokes and I still have questions. Can we get a better one! #tigerkingandi."

Some want another episode as it "did not quench their thirst." One fan said, "This did NOT quench my thirst!! I need more. Investigative series on #CaroleBaskin without her permission... Dateline that shit. #MTV style dating show with the Lowes. I need it all!! #TigerKing," and another said, "Finally binged #TigerKing because my adult children shamed me into it with threats of enduring social irrelevance. While the whole documentary is disturbing, why do I dislike #JoelMcHale worse than tiger killers? He's a complete jerk."

One joked, "New Tiger King episode should’ve been an email. #TigerKing #QuarantineLife," and another wrote, "I won't be watching the "bonus episode " of #tigerking unless all those animal murdering/ abusing assholes get eaten by tigers on camera. #netflix." One said, "I wasted 30 min of my life watching the 8th Episode of #TigerKing with @joelmchale! They literally did the interview with iPhones!"

"I feel sorry for those who've fallen in love with #TigerKing. Cult leaders doing what cult leaders do and their followers will give their own blood for the cult leaders respect and admiration," a Twitter user posted. And some pointed out Lowe's tiger skin. "Love how Jeff Lowe has a tiger skin on his wall during the new #TigerKing interview. This guy," one tweet read.

If you haven't watched it yet, you may need some context. Stream all eight episodes of 'Tiger King' on Netflix, including the after-show with McHale. 

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