What's Tiger King Challenge on BitLife? Here's all you need to know to ace the game

What's Tiger King Challenge on BitLife? Here's all you need to know to ace the game
Joe Exotic (IMDb)

In times of social distancing due to the ongoing pandemic, one couldn’t find enough distractions while cooped up in their homes. While Netflix’s 'Tiger King' was mind-boggling enough to become one of the most discussed documentary series ever, the text-based video game 'BitLife: Life Simulator' has now come up with a new game called the Tiger King Challenge. 

The new game allows users to navigate Joe Exotic’s life and relive moments from the hit series through fictional characters. The game, however, requires the users to follow a set of instructions in order to win it. If you are a fan of the Tiger King himself and several other oddballs who were featured in the series, read below to know how to ace BitLife’s new game.


Step 1: Be a male

In comparison with BitLife's other games, Tiger King Challenge is quite simple to get your hands on. You begin the challenge by selecting your gender. To make it more exciting and remain true to the real-life characters, make sure you choose the male option under gender and use the Tiger King's moniker Joe Exotic to proceed.

Step 2: Choose Oklahoma City

Similar to the first step, ensure you pick the United States of America as your country of origin and Oklahoma City as your place of birth.


Step 3: Marry a man

Joe Exotic never shied away from expressing his sexuality and nether did he hesitate to romance multiple partners. In stage 3 of the challenge, which focuses on Tiger King’s adulthood, requires you to choose your sexual orientation. Select 'I'm Gay'. In the following process, you will need to date and marry other gay men. 

How to propose to them you ask? Well, buy them a diamond ring over one carat and you're good to go.


Step 4: Make 3 big cats your pets

In order to buy the big cats, you need to choose Go To Activities and select Pet Dealer under that, before choosing Exotic Pet Dealer. The user can buy the tigers labeled 'Big Cat' for free for a limited time unlike other circumstances when you need to own a Bitizenship account to buy any exotic pet.

Step 5: Hire a hitman who fails at the task

Under the Activities choose Crime and you will be presented with a Hitman option. Select the option and pick your target. However, there is no way to determine if you are picking the right hitman who will fail at his task. All you could do is hope your pick fails in their mission to be able to successfully complete the Tiger King Challenge. 


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