Tiffany Trump's uncertain future: POTUS's 'forgotten child' has limited professional choices post election loss

Tiffany was probably looking at carving a role for herself in the Trump political dynasty but her father's failure to get a second term played spoilsport

                            Tiffany Trump's uncertain future: POTUS's 'forgotten child' has limited professional choices post election loss
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Tiffany Trump has struggled throughout her father's stint as the president of the United States to stay in the limelight. Especially when compared to Ivanka Trump or Donald Trump Jr, who all had a chance to work within the Trump organization and even played crucial roles in the campaign. In the meantime, Tiffany settled into her role as a student of law at Georgetown University. The 27-year-old for a while had been associated with nothing but her Instagram handle, and about four years ago, she was famous for being one of the "rich Kids of Instagram" - also dubbed the "snap pack" at the time. 

She associated herself with kids or grandkids of famous people. Her friends included Kyra Kennedy, a member of the Kennedy family; Gaïa Jacquet-Matisse whose great-great-grandfather was the painter Henri Matisse; Ezra J William, the son of an Indonesian real estate mogul; and EJ Johnson, the son of basketballer Magic Johnson. All of this however mellowed once she entered the university and a transformation was imminent. 

Reportedly, Tiffany stayed away from political debates, especially ones that involved her father, and until about two years ago, her political leanings were unclear as well. Her social media handle was analyzed and people found pictures of her with her friends at a Pride Parade, and she had also liked a post on pro-gun control on Instagram. She even had to suffer through cruel jokes about being the "forgotten Trump child". However, it was her speech at the Republican Convention after her graduation in 2020 that had given a brief idea to followers about her leanings. 

She had said in the convention, "People must recognize that our thoughts, our opinions, and even the choice of who we are voting for may and are being manipulated and visibly coerced by the media and tech giants." She seemingly agreed with her father's opinion about the media and said, "If you tune into the media, you get one biased opinion or another and what you share. If it does not fit into the narrative that they seek to promote, then it is either ignored or deemed a lie." She had also added, "Regardless of the truth, his manipulation of what information we receive impedes our freedoms rather than allowing Americans the right to form our own beliefs."

Having worked on a thesis about "Incarceration in the US and The International Bill of Human Rights", it can be speculated that Tiffany may be interested in pursuing a career in criminal justice, however, will this become a reality? So far, media has reported how there has been no sign whatsoever from Trump regarding the path that he would support when it comes to his youngest daughter, and in the face of his presidential run coming to an end after 2020, it would be interesting to see if she would help the Trump organization in realizing their business and political ambitions or if she will set a clear path of her own. 

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