Remember Tiffany Trump? POTUS's 'other' daughter spotted steaming up the Hamptons with Secret Service in tow

Tiffany Trump was spotted with a new man, Chris Allam along with Scott Disick' best friend at a fourth of July party in the Hamptons

                            Remember Tiffany Trump? POTUS's 'other' daughter spotted steaming up the Hamptons with Secret Service in tow
Tiffany Trump (Source:Getty Images)

Tiffany Trump is definitely making the most of her weekends in Manhattan before she heads back to law school for the fall. The first daughter was seen visiting Lady Liberty along with a group of her friends. 

Tiffany was seen with Peter Brant and David Einhorn, best known for his partying and playboy-ish ways and as Scott Disick's best friend. She was also seen spending some time at her Connecticut home along with a new male friend of hers, Chris Allam. The pair then went on to join up Einhorn and they headed out to the Hamptons to party on Wednesday. 

For the red, white, and blue July 4 celebration, Tiffany did not join the rest of her family - her father, her stepmother, and her younger brother, Donald Trump Jr. who was showing off his new girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle around the presidential home. Instead, the 24-year-old first daughter, Tiffany, went on to attend the same Hamptons party as none other than Justin Bieber and his on-and-off fling Hailey Baldwin, reported PageSix.

Tiffany wore a beautiful long blue dress to the party, and also Instagrammed her journey to the star-studded party, as Page Six reports it was "complete with dancing, drinking, music, and a big-screen TV." Earlier in the week, Allam had also posted a photograph himself with Tiffany Trump on his social media. 

The first daughter was being followed by two SUVs of Secret Service agents as she went to watch the fireworks at the Bridgehampton estate 1Oak owner Richie Akiva where her mate Chris Allam shared a photograph of the two lounging together during the festivities. Richie Akiva's party was attended by a many people part of Tiffany Trump's crew which included Brant and best friend Andrew Warren. 

However, she was not seen with her friends on social media and stayed by Allam's side through the entirety of the night. Allam had attended the Darien High School and later attended the Hobart college before choosing to start a clothesline, Pelican Breeze LLC along with his friends. The business was similar to Vineyard Vines and was closed down. Allam went on to work as an assistant to the head of marketing at the Next Step Realty. 

Allam is currently an employee of the Tao group. This is how Tiffany wound up being in the Hamptons with the founders of the Nightlife group, Noah Tepperberg, and Jason Strauss. The group runs many successful clubs such as Lavo, Beauty & Essex and Marquee in New York; Avenue in Los Angeles; Tao in Las Vegas; and a Sydney outpost of Marquee.

The following day after the party, Tiffany was seen making a quick exit and was not seen with any of her friends out in the Hamptons. This is probably because she will be heading up to Massachusetts for the wedding of a longtime friend Robert Kennedy III. It could also be because she was heading back to New York City where she had just finished designing her apartment. 

Tiffany has an apartment in the Trump Tower which is located on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. The residence is a present that she recently received shortly after she graduated college. Sometime last week, Tiffany was unnecessarily caught in a crossfire between Comedian Michelle Wolf deciding to call out other first daughter, Ivanka Trump on her Netflix show. 

Tiffany Trump (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Just Drew Clothing)

Tiffany has been known to break through her father's policies and values and has been known to be a supporter of pride month. Michelle Wolf began to encourage her viewers to start questioning and harassing politicians and even gave her viewers an example of how exactly they can call out politicians that they see out and about and how they can get under Ivanka Trump's skin. 

"If you see Ivanka on the street, first call her Tiffany. This will devastate her. Then talk to her in terms she will understand. Say: "Ivanka, you’re like vaginal mesh. You were supposed to support women but now you have blood all over you and you’re the center of a thousand lawsuits," Wolf encouraged her viewers.