'The Family Chantel': Who is Alejandro? Here's everything we know about Nicole's boyfriend

'The Family Chantel': Who is Alejandro? Here's everything we know about Nicole's boyfriend
Alejandro and Nicole (TLC)

Nicole Jimeno seems to have found the one for him, and she cannot stop boasting about him in the latest season of 'The Family Chantel'. After seeing how much Nicole was in love with her boyfriend, Pedro Jimeno decided it was time he met the man who kept him so happy. As of now, here's everything we know about him and his relationship with Nicole.

1. Alejandro loves to be in shape and smell good

Alejandro makes sure he looks his best. He revealed that there is nothing called too much perfume as he likes the idea of smelling good. Alejandro further revealed he has spent nearly $6,000 on cologne. At the same time, he loves to work out to ensure that he is staying fit. 


2. He has been in New York for five years

Alejandro was born and brought up in the Dominican Republic. He came to New York five years ago to ensure that he is doing well in life. Since he has some of his relatives in the city, things have been a bit easy for him to manage. 

3. They met at a party and started talking on social media

Nicole had previously revealed they met at a party but started talking after they reconnected on Instagram. Nicole revealed he was the first one to message. After talking for a couple of months, the two decided to make their relationship official. 


4. Nicole and Alejandro have met each other twice

Even though the pair started dating after one year of talking, they haven't got a lot of time to spend together. They managed to meet up twice in New York and make a lot of memories. However, they haven't had a chance to meet again. Nicole had previously hinted she might be visiting him soon, but it looks like it will be a while for them to meet. 

5. He works as a manager in a phone company

Nicole has revealed Alejandro works as a manager at a mobile company. While she is proud of what he does, her cousins and friends were not. They thought Alejandro does not fit the profile of someone Nicole would date. Despite this, she seems unbothered. 


Will Pedro have similar views as Nicole's friends and cousins or will he be impressed?

'The Family Chantel' airs on Mondays at 9 pm ET on TLC.

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