Severe thunderstorm warning in Michigan, Illinois as residents face power outage

Severe thunderstorm warning in Michigan, Illinois as residents face power outage
Severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for parts of Michigan, Illinois and Indiana (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

A severe thunderstorm warning was issued in and around Illinois and parts of Michigan on August 24 as residents experienced gusty winds, torrential rains and lightning strikes. According to the latest reports, strong winds up to 60 miles per hour have been forecasted as the weather keeps rapidly altering. Residents are complaining of power outages and unbearably high humidity in areas across Michigan as thunderstorms capsized eight boats on Lake Michigan near Evanston suburbs. The US coast guards and members of a local sailing club managed to rescue two boaters who were clinging onto their overturned boats amid heavy rains and sleet. 

Northern Illinois is likely to be exempted from severe thunderstorms, though regions like Cook, DuPage, and Lake Counties might still experience strong winds, heavy downpours, and storm-like conditions. Chicago Heights, East Chicago, Kankakee, Harvey, Homewood, Dolton, Matteson, Hammond, Portage, Gary, and Valparaiso still face the risk of heavy storms. Meanwhile, another strong thunderstorm has been traced near Westville, Indiana which might impact provinces like Kingsford Heights, Knox, Hamlet and South Bend. As summer winds up, severe storms continue to wreak havoc across the country. Only a few days ago, Hurricane Henri plodded through the Northwest affecting New York and other cities. 


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As residents of Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana gear up for stormy weather conditions, they are largely battling power crises on a regular basis. Many have taken to social media to share their inconvenience while staying indoors for long hours due to the thunderstorm warnings. 

"Here we go again. Another day, another thunderstorm, another power outage here in #Michigan. Those of you saying you don’t want summer to end - you’re nuts. We don’t get weekly days long power outages in autumn. And also don’t have to sleep without AC or fans in 90+ temps," a Michigan resident tweeted. "So things haven’t gone great today. Through a series of misadventures my wife is now quarantining upstairs in our home due to COVID exposure risk. As soon as she went up there, there was a small thunderstorm and our power went out. Again," a resident of Ypsilanti, Michigan tweeted.

Another user shared, "Sh**ty how people still don’t have power from the last thunderstorm & now we getting another one lmaooo"




Some also complained about high humidity, accentuated by cloudy weather amid electric outages. "If this thunderstorm brought more humidity with it, I'm going to cry," wrote a user. A Chicago resident tweeted, "Up until ten minute ago it was 91 degrees and ungodly humid. Now a thunderstorm with 70mph winds is rolling in. Gotta love Chicago weather!"

"It is humid. BUT. And thank the Lord, it’s about to storm. The top floor of our building has no AC, so it felt much like my car in my classroom," another wrote. 




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