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Three-yr-old boy dies in SCORCHING car after father leaves him to ‘get a drink with his brother’

The tot's father had parked the car in shade and pulled the windows down but later on, the heat in the vehicle went up to 37°C
UPDATED AUG 18, 2022
The child's father was devastated when he received the toddler's body (Facebook)
The child's father was devastated when he received the toddler's body (Facebook)

ADAN, TURKEY: A three-year-old toddler died after his father left him unattended in a vehicle "to grab a drink with his brother" on August 15, Monday. Sifeddin Malahaji, 34, traveled to Adana, Turkey, with his wife Hiba Alheraki, to attend a wedding, at the time of this incident.

As per The Sun, the toddler, Badr Alddin Malahafji, was with them when he fell asleep in the car. Malahaji said that he decided to leave the boy in the car after he had parked it in the shade with the window slightly open before going to see his brother who was attending to some business at the city center. 


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3 year old toddler in question who died of heat in 37°C car. (Photo via Facebook)
Three-year-old Badr Alddin Malahafji died after being left in the car (Facebook)

He described to authorities how Badr insisted on wanting to go with him when he was leaving. "I parked in the shade and went to visit my brother at his workplace. I just didn't want to wake him up and left the windows open a little bit," he stated. Despite these precautionary measures, he returned 30 minutes later to find his son unresponsive. 

The toddler was pronounced dead at the scene after hospital medics were unable to revive him from his state of unresponsiveness. The boy was reportedly subjected to 37°C after sunlight came into the car. The devastated father said, "May God not let anyone experience this pain. It is a very sad situation. The father goes to his brother. When he returns half an hour or at the latest an hour later, he sees his son lying motionless. Something that could happen to anyone. The windows were open, they were not closed. But it happened because the weather was hot." 

The effects of heat are known to take less than half-an-hour to set in on someone who has been left in a heated car. On a cloudy day, sweating and dehydration can take their toll within 45 minutes of exposure to such temperatures.