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'Three Days of Christmas': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's Christmas web series

The story is narrated through three key moments in the lives of Valentina, Esthe, María, and Adela — when they are daughters, mothers, and grandmothers.

Some stories are worth being told next to a fireplace during Christmas. It gets better if a grandmother narrates her experience of building a perfect world and an ideal family. But some tales are too good to be true. Behind all the rosiness, everything is full of secrets, lies, despise and rage. We hide things from the ones we love because we try to protect them. To err is human, but to forgive is divine and that's what makes a family united. In a rat race to grow up in the world we live in today, we forget to cherish the present. 

This is basically the premise on which Netflix's new holiday special series 'Three Days Of Christmas'  is based on. It is a 3-episode series and it will manage to encapsulate the entire narrative in such a short time frame. It sounds challenging and quite interesting to watch. 

Here's everything you need to know about the show ahead of its release so far: 

Release date:

The web series will release globally on December 6, 2019.


Set in the backdrop of Christmas in the beautiful mountains, the story revolves around the lives of four sisters through time united by a secret. There is a story that is narrated through their eyes in three key moments in their lives — when they are daughters, mothers, and grandmothers. Each episode represents one particular generation.  Through their experiences, we get to discover their secrets and other family conflicts. 


Ángela Molina

Spanish actress Angela Molina plays Valentina in this show
(Getty Images)

Angela is an award-winning actress known for her work on films like 'Live Flesh', 'Broken Embraces', '1942: Conquest of Paradise', and 'Gran Reserva.' She will be playing Valentina in this Netflix series. Angela Molina is the daughter of famed flamenco singer Antonio Molina. She gained traction through her role as the lead female role in 'Luis Bunuel's 'Cet Obscur Objet du Desir' (That Obscure Object of Desire). Her early training as a dancer deeply influenced her acting. 

Charo López

Charo López will be playing Esthe (IMDB)

Charo is a Spanish award-winning actress known for her role in films like 'La Regenta', 'Estudio 1', 'Secrets of the Heart', and 'Lis gozos y las Sombras'. She will be playing Esther in this show. 

Victoria Abril

Spanish actress Victoria Abril plays María 
(Getty Images)

Bagging all the awards for which she was nominated 27 times, Spanish actress Victoria Abril is renowned for her role in films like 'Tie Me up! Tie Me Down!', 'High Helles', 'No News for God', and 'Baton Rouge.' She will be seen playing María in this webs series. She once famously said on being a humanist though: "There's nothing more human than two people making love."

Verónica Forqué

Spanish actress Veronica Forque plays Adela 
(Getty Images)

Veronica is a Spanish actress known for her role in films like 'Kika', 'Going Down in Morocco', and 'Why do They Call It Love When They Mean Sex?'. She will be playing Adela in this Netflix show. 


Pau Freixas 

Pau Freixas is a Spanish director, writer, and producer known for his work on films like 'Forever Young', 'Cámera Oscura', 'I Know Who You Are', and 'Angels i Sants.' He is the director of this Netflix show 'Three Days of Christmas.' 



From the trailer, we see the four sisters singing the Christmas song. They are all surrounded by their family and other loved ones. It beautiful how these four sisters are together for the holidays. But when the secrets begin to pour, will their bond remain the same? 

Where to watch:

The show will be exclusively available on Netflix on December 6, 2019. 

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