'Thought Alabama had some sense': Liberals lose it as Republican governor Kay Ivey wins second full term

'Thought Alabama had some sense': Liberals lose it as Republican governor Kay Ivey wins second full term
Kay Ivey gets reelected to the congress (Kay Ivey/ Instagram)

MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA: Governor Kay Ivey gets elected again to congress, defeating Democrats Yolanda Flowers from Alabama state. This will be Ivey's second four-year term. The 78-year-old governor has served since April 2017 for a partial term due to Robert Bentley's resignation over a sex scandal. In the following year, she was elected full term.

According to WVTM, Flowers was the first Black person to represent a major party in an Alabama gubernatorial race. However, Ivey turned victorious in the final results. The Governor was diagnosed with early-stage lung cancer in 2019. However, it was cured later on. Ivey avoided a runoff despite facing eight Republican party challengers.


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Ivey also served as lieutenant governor and state treasurer. She was also the first Republican woman to serve as lieutenant governor in Alabama's history, reported Insider. Meanwhile, under her leadership, she has set record high employment and its lowest jobless rates, claims governor.alabama.gov. According to the website, she has attracted over $32 billion in capital investment and 65,000 new jobs. One of her prime focuses for the state is to offer economic development and opportunities to rural Alabama and the metro regions. In 2002, Kay became the first Republican elected State Treasurer since Reconstruction, and she was re-elected in 2006.


Her disappearance for almost three weeks in the summer created a wide range of doubts regarding her health. However, as she rejoined the campaign, Ivey said, "Folks, there’s no doubt that the best is yet to come because we all know there’s no step too high for a high stepper," reported US News.

'I’m sorry Alabama, you’re staying in 1950'

The Internet quickly reacted to her win. A user said, "Damn, thought Alabama had some sense...or most of us did. Guess my state failed." Another comment read, "Shame - she’s a useless governor." Another claimed, "I’m sorry Alabama, you’re staying in 1950." A tweet read, "Lol @ alabama. Was this ever a contest?."

A tweet claimed, "it's crazy to see the exact same people running for political office in Alabama that were running and putting up signs when I was a kid. Aderholt, Ivey, Brooks. Yall gonna be voting for their corpses and still driving out of state for a lottery ticket Never change Alabama." " Alabama…. How the hell do you have scientists and engineers and the much DoD… and the governor is … Kay Ivey???," explained a user. Meanwhile, a tweet read, "Sixth straight Republican Governor? No wonder Alabama is going backwards." "Needed to retire a decade ago," another claimed.









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