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'Thor: Love and Thunder': Fans slammed for demanding trigger warning for CHEMOTHERAPY scene

The movie sees Foster revealed to have stage 4 cancer, and is shown to have taken chemotherapy treatment leading fans to request a trigger warning
UPDATED JUL 13, 2022
Natalie Portman as Jane Foster in a still from 'Thor: Love and Thunder' (Marvel Studios)
Natalie Portman as Jane Foster in a still from 'Thor: Love and Thunder' (Marvel Studios)

Contains spoilers from 'Thor: Love and Thunder'

Less than a week after the release of 'Thor: Love and Thunder', fans on the internet have been divided over Marvel's decision to not include a trigger warning for a certain scene. The film, a sequel to 'Thor: Ragnarok and set after the events of 'Avengers: Endgame' sees the return of Natalie Portman as Jane Foster who also plays a version of Thor in the movie.

The movie sees Foster revealed to have stage 4 cancer, and is shown to have taken chemotherapy treatment. However, she digs deeper into the power of Vikings and gods to see if there is indeed a cure, and she unites with Mjolnir, transforming into Thor, and eventually takes on Gorr the God Butcher. She does succumb to cancer by the end of the movie.


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Reactions on Twitter were rather divided once fans caught up with the movie. "People asking for a trigger warning for thor 4 the whole point of mighty thor is jane having cancer if you dont know anything about thor why see the movie?" one of the fans asked.

"This trigger warning demand for Thor over "graphic display of cancer treatment" is laughable. Bruh she is sitting in a chair lmao like if that offends you just close your eyes hahaha," one of the fans commented.

"Hey guys, remember when no one complained about there being no trigger warning in front of Guardians of the Galaxy because Peter Quills mother has cancer, but everyone’s complaining about Thor not having one because of Jane? Hmmmm… @JamesGunn @TaikaWaititi," a tweet read.

"People really find every little thing about something to get offended about. This article is talking about how fans are upset that marvel didn't put a warning for Cancer being in #ThorLoveAndThunder Sorry...but many movies have characters with cancer," a fan wrote.


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"How about “read a comic book?” It’s adapting an old storyline from the comics! If you’re really a fan, you’d know!" a comment read. "This person wins the @Twitter Machine for Snowflake of the Day award. Are people so soft they need a trigger warning because someone has cancer in the movie @thorofficial? Can’t imagine their nervous breakdown watching Terms of Endearment or Brian’s Song. #snowflake@Thor4news," a tweet said.







'Thor: Love and Thunder' is running in cinemas near you.

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