Thomas Ravenel and Ashley hint breaking up in latest episode of Southern Charm

Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacob finally face the truth about their relationship and realize not everything is fine between them.

                             Thomas Ravenel and Ashley hint breaking up in latest episode of Southern Charm
(L-R) Thomas Ravenel and Rouge Apker (Source : Getty Images)

Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacob finally faced the music as the pair was forced to talk about teh status of their relationship.

On the latest episode of 'Southern Charm', Thomas is shown being worried that Ashey might just be interested in his money and may have no feelings about him whatsover. “When I first met Ashley, I wanted a companion, I wanted a best friend,” he says in the episode, as reported by People

“It’s different now. I feel like my whole life, women have been attracted to me for the wrong reasons. I sought out fortune and fame and I thought maybe that would attract the right kind of woman, but I got it all backward.” It is then that Thomas decides to confront Ashley about this. During their trip to Thomas's barn, he suggests that she should think about working. “I see you as a wonderful person who has a wonderful career. That career helped make you the person that made me want to bring you all the way to the east coast,” he says. “But the way things are going, I’m just some kind of sugar daddy.”

Thomas goes on to explain that he does not want Ashley to depend on him for everything. “You’re asking me to change by telling me to get a job and I’m asking you to change too,” Ashley replies. Looking at how frustrated Ashley looked, Thomas makes the decision of ending the conversation. “If you don’t want to do this and if I’m such a terrible person, maybe we should just call it quits," he says. 

Meanwhile, during a polo match, Ashley is seen talking to her friends about the strained relationship. “Thomas and I just kind of pumped the break a little bit,” she tells  Shep Rose.

“I feel alone and isolated. I want a future, I don’t want to waste time.” Things take a little different turn when Ashley jokingly asks Shep if she would like to date Thomas if they ever split. 

Thomas is also seen talking to his ex Kathryn Dennis and discusses his concern about the relationship. “My relationship has been a little stressful,” he says. “I just don’t know if this is going to work. I just haven’t had a lot of success in my personal life.” It is then that the pair decides to have an honest conversation about each other and their relationship. “I just want to tell you, this is not really good for me,” Thomas says. This is not what I want. If I can’t be true to myself then I can’t be true to you or anyone else.”

But Ashley seems adamant to put forward her thoughts. “Even if it ends right now, I would still do it over. I’ve learned so much about me. If it doesn’t work I want you to know there are no regrets,” she says. “I don’t want to just throw in the towel. I still think I have maybe a little more fight in me," she says. “I want to be able to walk away and say I’ve tried.  want you to give me that opportunity so I don’t live with regret. I still have some hope.”