Satanic cult Ripper Crew indulged in necrophilia, cannibalism, sexual mutilation and even incest

The crew comprising Robin Gecht, Edward Spreitzer, Andrew Kokoraleis and Thomas Kokoraleis, were a pack of American necrophilic, cannibalistic serial killers and rapists

                            Satanic cult Ripper Crew indulged in necrophilia, cannibalism, sexual mutilation and even incest

With Thomas Kokoraleis being released on parole, it is important to know the story behind "The Ripper Crew" — a pack of necrophilic, cannibalistic serial killers and rapists comprising Kokoraleis, his brother Andrew, Robin Gecht, and Edward Spreitzer.

Much has been written about the crew's ringleader Robin Gecht, who was employed at PDM Contractors — coincidentally owned by fellow serial killer and rapist John Wayne Gacy — and was also accused of molesting his own sister. However, not much is known about the crew prior to the killings.


Linda Sutton, a prostitute who became their first known victim, was abducted on May 23, 1981. Police had responded to a report about a bad smell at a motel outside Chicago 10 days after she was killed, where cops, who initially thought the stench came from a dead deer, found Sutton's body in a field behind the establishment. Authorities said she had been handcuffed, stabbed and her left breast had been hacked off. Sutton's body was in such a state that detectives were forced to resort to digital and dental records to confirm her identity. The case went cold despite several efforts to identify the perpetrators.

The devilish crew abducted another woman a year later on May 15, 1982. Lorry Borowski was about to open her office when she was taken by the group. At the time, detective commander and hypnotist John Millner decided to interrogate numerous people in the vicinity with hypnosis at the time of her disappearance. However, no important leads were generated despite the efforts, and the case went cold. Five months later, Lorry's body was found in a cemetery in Villa Park. The gang continued to abduct and kill several more women in Chicago over the course of four months. Just days after the Lorry abduction, another woman named Shui Mak was picked up by The Ripper Crew.


Weeks later, authorities reported the abduction of another prostitute named Angel York, who was mutilated while still alive and her son was thrown out of the getaway van. Despite a detailed description provided to police by York, who somehow survived the ordeal, it failed to produce any leads and the case went cold once again. Then, a teenage sex worker named Sandra Delaware was abducted months after the York incident and was stabbed to death, before her body was found floating in the Chicago River.

After several other abductions and murders, the leader of the pack, Robin Gecht, was eventually arrested but had to be let go due to lack of sufficient evidence.

Nonetheless, further investigation revealed he had rented a room in a motel with three other friends in adjoining rooms, with the manager telling police they appeared to be part of some cult.

Detectives identified the other men soon after, namely Edward Spreitzer, and the Kokoraleis brothers, who ultimately confessed to the murders. Gecht, Spreitzer and Thomas Kokoraleis were sentenced to life in prison after a series of trials, while Andrew Kokoraleis was given the death penalty and executed by lethal injection.



Authorities later pieced together confessions made by each member of the crew and determined how they went about their business. 

It was revealed that Spreitzer and the Kokoraleis brothers would drive around the city in a van looking for potential victims. Once they found their prey, which would mostly be a prostitute, the nefarious group would take them to the "Satanic Chapel" — as they referred to Gecht's apartment. The victims would then be beaten, tormented, raped, and mutilated to complete certain "Satanic rituals". 

While Spreitzer and the Kokoraleis brothers brutally tortured and killed the women, Gecht would read passages of the Satanic Bible to them. Every case was consistent, in that they would hack the victim's breast with a wire garrote while she was still alive, masturbate into the pound of flesh, chop it into smaller pieces, and then consume it. They would then proceed to dump their bodies in alleys, bridges or in forests located in the outskirts of the city.