Thom Yorke performs songs from 'Suspiria' score, debuts 60-minute mix on BBC Radio: Watch

Thom Yorke performs songs from 'Suspiria' score, debuts 60-minute mix on BBC Radio: Watch

Thom Yorke released the score for Luca Guadagnino's highly acclaimed horror remake of 'Suspiria'. It marks the Radiohead frontman's first attempt at an original film score, following in the footsteps of bandmate Johnny Greenwood, who is often the go-to-guy for Paul Thomas Anderson's film scores.

On Sunday, Yorke sat down with BBC Radio's Mary Anne Hobbs to discuss the soundtrack, some of the influences that shaped it and his experience working alongside his children (Yorke’s son drums on the soundtrack, while his daughter assisted her father with some of its artwork).

In addition to the interview, Yorke also performed intimate renditions of three 'Suspiria' tracks: 'Unmade', 'Open Again', and 'Suspirium', which you can check out below. 

He also played a 60-minute mix comprising his favorite atmospheric records, including James Blake, Faust, and Steve Reich, in addition to a previously unreleased Yorke track called 'Suspiria Solo Glass Harmonica'. You can check out the mix in full here.

The indie rock legend has had quite a busy year. Earlier this month, he teamed up with Greenpeace for a new song called 'Hands off the Antarctic' to raise awareness about the impact of climate change in the region.

Earlier this week, Yorke revealed he would release a “political” solo album in 2019. Yorke told El Mundo, “I didn’t have any desire to make very political music, but everything I do tends to go that way anyway. I’m trying to finish up a record with [producer] Nigel [Godrich], and it’s going in that direction. It’s something that’s always there.” He also described the new record as “very electronic,” but “different from what [he’s] done until now.”

"The method has been the opposite of depending upon the computer,” he added. “It’s a strange process in which we construct a song in the studio, break it apart, we reconstruct it with a live mix and it turns out completely differently, and that’s when we record. We have improvised many sounds and effects.

It has been a very strange way of making a record, which is very exciting.” It's equally if not more exciting for Radiohead and Thom Yorke fans, as we await the much-anticipated sophomore solo record from Yorke, a follow up to 2014's 'Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes'.

'Suspiria' opened in New York and Los Angeles on Friday, coinciding with the release of Yorke's score. It hits theaters nationwide on November 2. Read Meaww's review of the film here.

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