'This is what Friday night needed': Fans praise CBS reality show 'Come Dance with Me'

'This is what Friday night needed': Fans praise CBS reality show 'Come Dance with Me'
Nadya and Connor in 'Come Dance With Me' (CBS)

We have seen a lot of dance reality shows over the years and every single one of them has managed to create an impact on everyone. From ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, these dance competitions have something unique in them. However, CBS has ousted them by coming out with a dance show that has managed to captivate everyone’s imagination. Titled ‘Come Dance with Me’, the show just had its premiere on the network and saw 12 talented young dancers showing off their movies with their untrained parents.

Yes, you heard it right. These children danced with their parents and set the stage on fire. As soon as the show started, the teams did everything to show the world how amazing they are. For children, it was all about showcasing their talent while their parents accompanied them so that they can support them. The premiere episode was filled with great dancing performances from the teams and saw Jenna Dewan, Tricia Miranda, and Dexter Mayfield donning the judges’ hats.


'Come Dance with Me': Maceo eliminated after his father's unfortunate injury while training 

'Come Dance with Me': Fans love the 'mechanical doll' move from Kennedy and Justin

The team of Kennedy and Justin received the highest score of the night (25) and was saved from the elimination. Meanwhile, Ava-John and Lucas-Carolina had the lowest scores. Even though the show still has a long way to go, but the premiere gave us an idea of how amazing it is to see children enjoying the thing they love the most with their parents. Social media users loved the idea and applauded CBS for such a unique show.

Mia and Crystal in 'Come Dance With Me' (CBS)


One of the fans wrote, “Dear / To: @CBS, Come Dance With Me is exactly what CBS Friday Night needed. Well done.” Another social media user said, “Yo it's cool seeing these kids dance with their parents #comedancewithme.”  Meanwhile, another fan noted, “I'm enjoying the new show so far and so thrilled to get to see you & your awesome choreo!!”







“Not me wanting to trade places with these parents and dance with my little princess. (The only thing is I would be doing a little twerking, but I'd keep it PG for TV.) I am so loving this #ComeDanceWithMe show,” said one of the fans.



Another social media user wrote, “I’m seriously in awe and in love with how much passion these kids bring to the table. Never lose that, guys!!”  



“This is such a full-circle moment. I love mother-daughter moments like this, especially seeing a black woman raising a young girl to achieve opportunities that were once limited to herself. This show is very good for representation of black parenthood,” wrote another one.



Maceo and Albert got eliminated from the show due to an unfortunate accident. Maceo’s father, Albert, sustained an injury while practicing for the premiere episode and was ruled out of the competition. As a result, their team was also ruled out.

Next week, the teams are going to go out of their comfort zone and perform Jazz when the show returns on CBS.

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