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‘This Is Us’ Season 5 Episode 7 ‘There’ not airing on January 19: Here's what to expect when the NBC show returns

Apologizing to his loyal fans for another hiatus and explaining the reason, Dan Fogelman wrote: 'No new episode of #ThisIsUs tonight'
UPDATED JAN 19, 2021
Kevin Pearson (NBC)
Kevin Pearson (NBC)

Is Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) dead or alive? Leaving a cliffhanger hanging in the air, ‘This Is Us’ has boggled the minds of fans and they can't help but think the worst. Before you get set to watch the new episode, there seems to be a long break — yet again! Yes, there's no new episode tonight. 

Apologizing to his loyal fans for another hiatus and explaining the reason, Dan Fogelman wrote, “No new episode of #ThisIsUs tonight - Covid-related production delays in LA have forced us to delay a few weeks. But the next few are big ones, and we are close, so we hope you'll hang in there with us. Sorry!”


If you can't hold your horses for two weeks and are wondering what might happen now, we've got you covered. Take a look at what could happen in the next episode and what's airing tonight in place of the beloved NBC show.

What's on in place of ‘This Is Us’ 

Ready to get your heart broken? If you've tuned in to ‘This Is Us’, you won't be able to see the new episode but an old one that airs in place of it. The episode scheduled for January 19, 2021, was pulled off the schedule by NBC at the last moment, with the network airing a rebroadcast of Season 4 Episode 14, ‘The Cabin’.

After Fogelman's tweet, fans had more questions for him. Some were understanding, some weren't. One posted, “But it’s already filmed why is it delayed??” Another said, “Maybe post production.” A third said, “Oh, thank you for the answer. I didn’t understand why I didn’t see the show in the schedule anymore... This is very sad. I understand the situation, but it was such a delight on Tuesday nights to finally be reunited with the Pearsons. We’ll wait... Take care.”



A fourth wrote, “Thank you for playing it safe instead of being sorry. Please don't apologize. It's too great of a ripple effect to have those regrets, when 1 spreads it to 406, to say nothing of the new strains.” And a fifth said, “Was this just decided today or announced prior? I literally burst into tears when I saw it on Facebook. I know it seems little but to some it’s the only joy we have. I had my moms night off all planned.”

Another tweet read, “Thanks for sharing @Dan_Fogelman! Bummed but considering what's going on we DEFINITELY want the safety of cast & crew to be first and foremost. I'm also just a little happy just because my internet/TV is out due to high winds so I likely wouldn't be able to watch anyways.”




What to expect in Episode 7 ‘There’?

Titled ‘There’, the summary of the new episode reads, “Kevin embarks on a stressful road trip; Jack and young Kevin go to a football training camp.” What's more, a 16-second promo shows car number AB09043 involved in a crash and we hear Kevin's voice as he says (seemingly in a 9-1-1 call), “My fiancé right now is in labor and I need to get to her.”


Another phone call conversation between Kevin and Madison goes like: “I'm coming right now, okay?” after which she tells him, “Please just get here, Kevin.” It seems like Madison will die during labor and fans can't get over that thought. Towards the end of the clip, we see Kevin's ID card lying somewhere there. Is his ID card the reason why he gets delayed and isn't able to see Madison? Well, only time will tell. 

Kevin Pearson (NBC)

When will Season 5 Episode 7 air? 

Wondering when exactly will the next episode air? The official handle posted, “No new episode tonight, fam. We'll be back in two weeks on @NBC. Get caught up on the latest streaming now.”


‘This Is Us’ premiered on Tuesday at 9 pm ET on NBC after the mid-season winter break with Episode 5 titled ‘A Long Road Home’ on January 5, 2021. There will be a two-week break before the next one Episode 7 titled ‘There’ — initially scheduled for January 19, 2021 — is telecasted and the date for the episode is set as February 2, 2021. Sigh! ‘This Is Us’ fans, are you ready to bear another long hiatus? 

Don't give up yet. Binge-watch the Season 5 episodes on and the NBC App. Not just that, you can stream old seasons on Amazon Prime too.