'This Is Us' Season 4 Episode 10: After Kevin's fancy date ends in disaster, could he go back to Sophie?

While most agree he could get back with his ex-wife Sophie, many think Madison and Cassidy also stand a chance at dating him

                            'This Is Us' Season 4 Episode 10: After Kevin's fancy date ends in disaster, could he go back to Sophie?
Kevin and Lizzie (NBC)

Desperate to find love, Kevin Pearson has been hunting for his future partner through a matchmaking site. Even though he went on a couple of dates, he could never really strike a real connection with anyone. Tired, he decided to quit the matchmaking service. "Universe, it is up to you," he said, and guess what? There was a lovely woman right there. Introducing Sophia Bush as Lizzie. The show brings her as Kevin's new romantic date.

His fancy date seems to be quite a marvel to behold but it ends with a shocking twist. Turns out Lizzie's texts on her phone weren't from her mom, but her husband! Yes, the married woman just wanted to live her fantasy of dating a celebrity. Sad and forlorn, Kevin wondered at the end, "I am desperate to have this crazy love story but maybe it is just not in the cards for me." What's more, he also gets a phone call from Sophie! Remember his childhood crush and ex-wife?

After the fast-forward from Kevin's 40th birthday featuring his pregnant partner, fans have been wondering who could his future fiancée be. One popular fan theory suggests that Cassidy, Kevin's Alcoholics Anonymous friend-turned-one-time-hookup could make a surprise comeback. A Reddit user feels Madison could return to eventually get to know him better. Or will there really be a new entry?

Kevin (NBC)

With Kevin's constant turndowns in his attempt to find new love, several fans are puzzled whether the bachelor will seek solace in the arms of his former lover.

"No one is talking about Sophie being on Kevin's phone. Foreshadowing the mom of his kid, or just another red herring?" one fan wrote and another posted, "Finished those last couple mins of tonight's #ThisIsUs ep. I'm not even mad at the whole Kevin and the Hall pass thing. That is karma Kevin back at you for how you treated Randall and your family growing up. But also, SOPHIE is reaching out again!! Yes! Totally gonna be the mom."

One fan even had a theory about how they never got divorced. "My theory is that Kevin and Sophie never actually got divorced which is why she's calling. And then they're gonna reconnect."

Meanwhile, many others feel Madison or Cassidy could stand a chance. "Am I the only one who thinks Madison is Kevin’s baby mama?" one tweet read and another said, "So we have Sophie, who loves Kevin for everything that he is and everything he's always been. And Cassidy who had no idea who the Manny was, but fell for the messy, baggage-carrying, Kevin. Both are worlds better than #hallpass Lizzie. Who's the baby mama?"

During the winter press tour, 'This Is Us' creator Dan Fogelman said, "The story who is the mother of Kevin's child and all that journey will be a story in the back half of the season, and there will be an answer by the end of the season." Guess, all we can do is wait, isn't it?

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