Paris Hilton's abuse: Utah school alumni back her claims, share horrific tales of sodomy and torture

Former students gave details of torture where they were beaten, restrained, force-fed, bullied and even allegedly sodomized

                            Paris Hilton's abuse: Utah school alumni back her claims, share horrific tales of sodomy and torture
Paris Hilton (Getty Images)

Ahead of the release of her documentary ‘This is Paris’, Paris Hilton made several shocking revelations about the boarding school and psychiatric residential treatment center Provo Canyon School in Utah, where she was allegedly "tortured" and bullied during her 11-month stay. Now, six other former students of the school and former staff have come forward to share their alleged horrific experiences at the school.  

Three of Hilton’s classmates are said to appear in ‘This is Paris’ and they too will make allegations similar to Hilton against the school. One of them, Lee Goldman, a 33-year-old from Toronto, Canada, told Fox News that a therapist at the school allegedly sodomized her by injecting medication against her will. She said, "I didn't experience strangling but I did experience manhandling. The school recorded that they had five or six staff members restrain me at once. I'm all of 100 pounds." She further claimed that another student had their tooth knocked out by staff and another suffered from a medically induced coma as they were denied medical care. 

Another former student of the school has revealed that she sustained a concussion from an accident once, which developed into a stutter as the staff didn’t notify her mother for hours. In another nerve-chilling detail, Jeb Robison, a 31-year-old former student of the same school, has claimed that one of her classmates was "shoved into the ground" and a "staff rubbed her face into the carpet until her entire face was covered in burns".

Yet another student, 38-year-old Stefanie Tapley has seconded Hilton and claimed that latter was "forced-fed". She said that Hilton was often "bullied by staff" who made fun of her. Fox News reports suggest that all the seven members who spoke to the network claimed that the staff members used ‘Dial 9’ emergency protocol when students were caught "self-harming or being harmful" and how up to six of them would “tackle” the students. 

Recalling one such incident, Tapley said, "Staff would tackle kids — I can't tell you how many times I saw that." Tapley added, "One incident involved an African American boy at the school during my time. A staff member woke him up at 3 am because he forgot to take his meds. The kid didn't like getting woken up in the middle of the night, and the staff ended up calling a 'Dial 9' and tackled him." The staff was reportedly "trained for restraining" students. 

Although the ownership of the Provo Canyon changed in the later years, the abuse allegedly continued even after Hilton left in 1999. However, a few former students noted that some of the old staff members were retained even after the ownership was changed. 

Meanwhile, in conversation with People, Hilton opened up about the alleged ill-treatment she was subjected to during her time in Provo Canyon. She said she faced "continuous torture". "The staff would say terrible things. They were constantly making me feel bad about myself and bully me. I think it was their goal to break us down," she said. She also revealed that she was placed in solitary confinement as a punishment, sometimes up to "20 hours a day". Hilton said that her parents sent her to the school as it portrayed itself to be a "normal boarding" school and not a psychiatric center. 

The upcoming documentary has sparked a conversation among internet users as a significant number of them seem to be highly disturbed by the alleged inner workings of Provo Canyon. One tweeted, "Paris Hilton’s documentary is heartbreaking and powerful. I want provo canyon school shut down NOW and the staff thrown into solidarity confinement themselves." Another wrote, "Y’all this documentary is so sad. @ParisHilton and they women who survived Provo canyon are incredibly strong and brave #ThisIsParis." Thanking Hilton, one tweeted, "I hope the survivors of Provo Canyon get some sort of justice. Good for @ParisHilton for bringing this to the mainstream."




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