All the theories and twists you can expect in 'Game of Thrones' season 8's final two episodes

All the theories and twists you can expect in 'Game of Thrones' season 8's final two episodes

Warning: This article may contain speculations and spoilers for Season 8

With the 'Game of Thrones' saga coming to an end with just two more episodes to go, there's plenty that can totally go wrong. Our heroes from the North have just one dragon left with Rhaegal being killed off by the giant-crossbow-wielding hands of Euron Greyjoy and his fleet, Dany is entirely counting on Drogon to help them out. The Unsullied and the Dothraki are both slashed in half in terms of numbers and there's only a handful of people left to defeat the reigning queen, these guys will have to bring their A game. But, as things usually go in Westeros, there has to be a twist or two involved. Here's what we think you can expect from the last two episodes of the show.

1. A fourth dragon

Back when the season first premiered, eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot another flying beast in the fresh new sequence for season 8. As it turns out, there's a prospect of not three, but four dragons meeting us and the rest of this fantasy world now that the war is coming.

Show us the dragon power! (HBO)

In the opening credits, hidden in plain sight, was the possibility of a fourth dragon. Before the show's name flashes on the screen surrounded by the symbols of the four houses, a sword blazes on the screen. If you look closely, you will see not three, but four fully grown dragons flying across the sky in an epic battle scene. There's also what looks like a comet blazing across the sky.  When the dragons were born in season 2, there was a similar comet as another user pointed out. Was there another dragon born that we have no idea about? Possibly. In episode 5's trailer, we see Tyrion going back to Dragonstone looking for something — this could be it. It would be perfect if the show finally showed us the power of mighty Drogon!


2. Dany will take to wildfire

The signs of Daenerys turning into her Mad King father have been very prominent in the recent episodes. The fuming anger, the paranoia, and the epic impulsiveness — the dragon queen has definitely shown signs of losing control. Her father was a huge fan of wildfire as we already know. He wanted to use wildfire to blow up everything when he lost his war with Robert Baratheon, who then became King. Cersei too, has been fond of it, blowing up the Sept of Baelor and everyone inside it to get to the throne. Even Tyrion used it to win the Battle of Blackwater.

Dany has had enough so will she go over the edge? (HBO)

Now we already know that there's a stock of it somewhere in Cersei's kingdom and it is only a matter of time that the scorned Queen knows about it. She already has no qualms about killing people after what happened with Missandei in the last episode and her dragon along with wildfire would definitely be the end of Cersei as we know it.


3. Nymeria will be back to protect her human 

After the way the show treated Ghost, Jon's direwolf, it would only be a plus point if they brought back Nymeria, Arya's direwolf. We know she's alive and the two had an encounter when she was on her way to Winterfell from Bravos. At the time, Nymeria wasn't interested to come home with Arya and at the time was mirroring her master. But, Arya has changed now. She's all about protecting her family and fulfilling her destiny and guess what packs do? They go to war over protecting their families and a plus is her very huge, very ravenous pack.

4. Tyrion may be a dragon person 

You know you've heard this before but this is a twist that is very, very plausible. Evidence from the previous seasons that hinted towards this possible discovery — Tyrion was able to set Daenerys's dragons free without getting burned and even when he watched the door to the room in which Dany and Jon were totally getting it on, he looked as if he knew what was going on and the epic last words, of course, from Tywin Lannister "You’re no son of mine". But, season 8 has also been dropping hints. Bran Stark speaks to Tyrion in episode 4, which might have been him confirming his true identity because we don't hear what they talk about — we just know that they did. Did he tell him that his secret identity is that he's a Targaryen?

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