#TheBoysAreBack as supes announce 'The Boys' Season 2 release date, fans can stop 'whining and moaning'

#TheBoysAreBack as supes announce 'The Boys' Season 2 release date, fans can stop 'whining and moaning'
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Our favorite supes and #TheBoysareback and we cannot wait to see what Amazon Prime Video's 'The Boys' has in store for viewers in season 2. The release date of season 2 was announced on 'The Boys' official Twitter handle. The makers wrote, "We've heard y**r fuckin' whining and moaning about 'when is season 2' so here you go. See you on September 4th, mates. #TheBoysAreBack."

Along with the announcement, a video of Homeland (Antony Starr), Starlight (Erin Moriarty), A-Train (Jessie T. Usher), and Queen Maive (Dominique McElligott) learning of the season 2 renewal was released. However, we are talking about Supes here, so it is no wonder that none of them seem excited. Instead, all of them look extremely bored with this "exciting" piece of information.

The show garnered critical acclaim and attention for subverting stereotypes that are prevalent in the world of superhero movies. The show also portrays the superheroes or supes as the villains while The Boys -- led by Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) -- is out for revenge against men and women belonging to Seven who are celebrated worldwide as heroes because they had intentionally or not, caused a major emotional loss for members of The Boys. 

The grotesque violence gets a dark humor treatment that speaks to the inner evil that exists within everyone. The human psyche explored in the show is deeply disturbing yet alluring for the way it packages sentiments and thoughts. Be it Homelander's unhealthy obsession with Vought International's Madelyn Stillwell, or Deep's (Chace Crawford) treatment of a newbie supe, all of it reeks of toxic emotional make-up and the show depends on using this to intrigue audience. 

Upon the announcement, fans of the show flooded the internet with messages of excitement. One fan wrote, "Haven’t been as excited since I saw a baby fire lazers out of its eyes," referring to baby Homelander from the show. Another fan wrote, "Me seeing those first three minutes of season 2. Is it September 4 already? #TheBoysAreBack." 

There were also references to how the plot progresses in the comics over what can be expected on the show. One fan explained, "We're going to get more on Black Noir's mysterious ways, comic readers know what's coming, but it's good he's finally at the forefront." 

While there is a lot of excitement for the second season, many fans are unhappy about the fact that the show will release the last five episodes weekly after a three-episode premiere. One fan wrote, "WTF weekly episodes after you air the first three, give us the full season." Another added, "not really happy about weekly release news."

Jack Quaid who plays the role of Hughie Campbell wrote, "SEASON 2 PREMIERES SEPT 4TH Y’ALL!!!! (also I’m a Yoshi-main in Smash in case you were wondering) SEE YOU LABOR DAY!  @TheBoysTV @PrimeVideo." 

The announcements were made during the live stream titled 'The Boys F**kin’ Reunited' which was hosted by Patton Oswalt with "the cast of 'The Boys' to unpack all the gory madness from season 1, and get all the juicy secrets on season 2."

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