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'The Wrong Wedding Planner' star Crystal says her onscreen enemy is her best friend: 'We try not to giggle'

'We were trying not to laugh and giggle because it's your best friend and that's just hilarious when you're doing it,' Crystal recalled
Crystal Lowe (Getty Images)
Crystal Lowe (Getty Images)

Lifetime aired one of the two movies from its 'Wrong' series on Friday starring Crystal Lowe, Vivica A Fox, Kristin Booth and Steve Richard Harris. 'The Wrong Wedding Planner' is a thriller that explores the dynamics of relationships and how the unfulfilled ones could give be a trigger to behavioral complications such as stalking. Crystal and Steve play the much-in-love couple, while Kristin is the scorned ex-lover who enters the scene as the "wrong wedding planner." 

MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) caught up with Crystal to get a good look at all that went down during and before the film was put together. Did you know Crystal and Kristin are best of friends? One would think to translate such great friendship to enmity onscreen is a tough task, but Crystal confirmed they couldn't stop giggling. 

"I think for me the most was her dragging me. We were trying not to laugh and giggle because it's your best friend and that's just hilarious when you're doing it," Crystal recalled. But that was not the only factor that made filming for 'The Wrong Wedding Planner' so special — Vivica caught her attention. 

Crystal writes, directs and produces, so for her to be sharing screen space with Vivica also meant learning a lot of the other things that she was good at. "That woman never sleeps. She is constantly creating and if she's not working on one thing, she's producing another," Crystal praised and added that she learned a lot from her and implied that she'll imbibe all of those. 

Crystal has been loved and appreciated for her performances in 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered.' She was scheduled to work on the next season but the Pandemic has put a question mark on it. And so, she cannot confirm when her fans can expect her to return with the TV series.

"I mean we were supposed to already be shooting the next one right now. So obviously that's been postponed. We're still waiting to get word," Crystal revealed and added: "I think, the word on the street, so to say, is that hopefully we will be shooting it by fall but nothing is guaranteed at this moment. I don't know."