'The Wrong Stepfather': Release date, plot, cast and all you need to know about the Lifetime thriller

'The Wrong Stepfather': Release date, plot, cast and all you need to know about the Lifetime thriller
Vivica A Fox, Corin Nemec, Krista Allen (Lifetime)

Lifetime has returned with its 'Wrong' series and this time it's about a stepfather who has been wronged or is in the wrong. We'll find out when it drops on the network soon. 

Release date

Lifetime's 'The Wrong Stepfather' premieres on July 31, 7/8 c. For more information check your local listings. 


What happens when a seemingly beautiful relationship between a school teacher, Karen, and a college counselor, Craig, goes wrong? Chaos. And what makes it worse is a stepdaughter, Sarah, who has been unwittingly thrown into the mix. The thriller gives a simple love story a stunning twist that's laced with murderous intent and oodles of anger. Amid all this, Karen's best friend and school principal, Ellen, believes Karen is finally ready to move into a blissful chapter of her life. But Karen discovers another side to Craig and starts to believe that maybe he is not the best dad for her Sarah.



Corin Nemec, Vivica A Fox, Krista Allen (Lifetime)

Vivica A Fox plays Ellen, Corin Nemec is Craig and Krista Allen is Karen. Sydney Malakeh is portraying the role of stepdaughter Sarah. Talking to Extra, Vivica shared how thrilled she was about the 'Wrong' franchise. Vivica is not just playing a part in the film but also donning the producer's hat. It's been a wholesome experience for the star. "I’m so blessed that my 'Wrong Is So Right' franchise has turned into binge-watching during (Covid-19)," she raved and added, "We have 'The Wrong Man', 'The Wrong Father', ’The Wrong Boy Next Door', 'The Wrong Crew'. We do it so wrong, it’s right."



The network is yet to release information on this. We'll update this section once the trailer has been released.


The thriller has been directed by David DeCoteau. Serving as executive producers are Vivica, Barry Barnholtz, Zelma Kiwi and Jeffrey Schenck. 

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