‘The Wrath Of God’: 5 things you need to know about the Netflix horror thriller

‘The Wrath Of God’: 5 things you need to know about the Netflix horror thriller
(L-R) Macarena Achaga, Juan Minujin and Diego Peretti in a still from 'The Wrath Of God' (Netflix)

For audiences and fans who love binge-watching horror movies and series, this is indeed an exciting piece of news as the global streaming giant Netflix is promising to double the horror with a goosebump invoking story and also upping the spookiness with an Argentinian horror thriller titled ‘The Wrath Of God’.

Fans and audiences who have loved watching spooky and horror themed films and series on Netflix like ‘The Privilege’, ‘A Classic Horror Story’, and ‘Hellbound’, would surely love watching ‘The Wrath Of God’ as well.


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When does ‘The Wrath Of God’ release?

‘The Wrath Of God’ (La ira de Dios) releases globally on the streaming giant Netflix by June 15, 2022, at 3:01 am EST.

What is ‘The Wrath Of God’ all about?

‘The Wrath Of God’ is based on the novel named ‘Slow Death Of Luciana B’ that had been originally written by Guillermo Martinez. The film is based on the main protagonist Luciana (Macarena Achaga) whose immediate family members start dying and succumbing to death one after another. She gets stuck and sandwiched in a mysterious unending loop of deaths within her family that starts getting more tighter and surrounds her like a shadow with each passing minute.
All of this leads to Luciana suspecting her boss to be the person responsible for the deaths in her family. The unfortunate happenings take a toll on Luciana as she’s left with just her and her sister Valentina and she makes up her mind to fight with death itself for saving her sister.

The official synopsis reads, “Luciana is involved in a loop of mysterious family deaths that keeps getting tighter by the minute. Her boss, an enigmatic writer, overlooks the scene with a horror veil and a guilty demeanor. While obsessively fighting to save her only remaining relative, her sister Valentina, alive, she will find herself in a crossroads between reason and death. A race against time to bring her truth out and a final blood pact to end this avengement”.

Who stars in ‘The Wrath Of God’?

Macarena Achaga as Luciana:

The Mexican actress, model, singer, and host Macarena Achaga who is best known for her amazing performance in the hit Mexican series ‘Gossip Girl Acapulco’ as Jenny Para, is all set to be seen playing the lead role of Luciana in the Netflix film.


The rest of the cast of ‘The Wrath Of God’ includes actors Diego Peretti and Juan Minujin.


Produced by Buffalo Films, ‘The Wrath Of God’ has been directed by Sebastian Schindel. The script of the film has been written by Sebastian Schindel and Pablo Del Taso.


Check out the official trailer of ‘The Wrath Of God’ (La ira de Dios):


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