'The World's Best': Fans suspect the show was scripted and the winner had already been decided before the finale

'The World's Best': Fans suspect the show was scripted and the winner had already been decided before the finale

'The World's Best' premiered on CBS in February and came to an end last week when 13-year-old pianist Lydian Nadhaswaram was crowned the winner in the finale episode. 

During its first season run, the show never failed to deliver us our weekly dose of entertainment with its impeccable roster of talent -- singers with high vocal ranges, magicians, martial artists, rock bands.

Hosted by talk show host James Corden, the show's main judges were Drew Barrymore, RuPaul Charles, and Faith Hill. The show also had 50 feature judges who were known as the 'Wall of the World', and who helped the main judges in deciding the ultimate winner.



After all the auditions, battle rounds and championship rounds, young maestro Nadhaswaram was declared the winner. He won a million dollars and the title of 'The World's Best.'

And ever since his win, Nadhaswaram has made headlines for his piano skills. From his audition with the 'Flight of the Bumblebee' by Rimsky-Korsakov to his blindfolded performance of the 'Turkish March' by Mozart and his finale performance of 'The Moonlight Sonata', he left many impressed. 

But not everything was hunky dory for the show, with many fans wishing that it never returns for a second season to some speculating that it was all rigged and scripted.


"Honestly, this show is The World's Worst, and the format and production style are terrible. I pray it doesn't return for any more seasons," wrote a fan.

While another added, "The show is horrible, but I'm just glad we won't have to hear or see anything horrible anymore." 


Meanwhile, there were some fans who were speculating that the show might have been scripted and and the winner had already been decided by the network.

"I suspect in the coming months we are going to find out: The show was completely scripted, including the judges' reactions. The winner was pre-determined from the beginning," commented one.

Some fans believe that CBS had already decided that the winner would be Dimash Kudaibergen, but were scuppered when he decided to quit the show.



"I feel like CBS might have tried to rig the whole thing in Dimash's favour. I mean they know that he's good, so they tried to give him an obvious win so that he can go on all the CBS shows as the "winner" and CBS gets all the control over his US brand/image...and a hand in the revenue, of course. So, of course, they're pissed he quit the show, but I'm sure long term this is best for his career." 


Fans are gleaning this from the judges' reactions when Kudaibergen revealed that he wanted to quit the show. Even though Faith Hill urged him to stay, he didn't. And RuPaul's reaction to his decision was quite harsh. RuPaul told Kudaibergen that he was disrespecting the show by quitting and called it "total BS."

Fans are of the opinion that contestants quit reality TV competition on a regular basis, but the reaction of 'The World's Best' judges at Kudaibergen quitting was something else.

And indeed there is some credence to that theory. Even though the judges may have been trying to get him to showcase his talent on the show,  they might have insisted more, fans say, because of the network's decision to highlight him as the winner.

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