'The World's Best': Get ready for an epic battle between Liliac Band and Vonnie Lopez

'The World's Best': Get ready for an epic battle between Liliac Band and Vonnie Lopez

'The World's Best' is off to a good start, and it is gradually gaining the attention of the audience. The reality TV competition series, hosted by James Corden, showcases talent from all around the world in different genres. 

It is judged by Drew Barrymore, RuPaul Charles and Faith Hill, who are helped in this monumental task by a panel of 50 experts known as 'Wall of the World.' These experts are professionals from different fields in the entertainment industry, and will facilitate the judges in deciding the winner. 


With the first two battle rounds done and dusted, the series now moves on to its final battle round that will air on CBS on Wednesday.

While fans and viewers wait in excitement to see their favorite contestants perform on the show, the series recently revealed that Liliac Band will battle against Vonnie Lopez and the High Praise Choir. Both the contestants are extremely good at what they do and the face-off will surely be an epic battle.

When it comes to the genres that the two contestants parley in, they can't be more different. While Liliac Band is a rock-grounded family band, Vonnie Lopez's music seems to be on the mellow angelic side. It would be a good battle to watch, and witness how the judges figure out the winner.



Apart from revealing that these two contestants will be battling out against each other, the series also shared sneak peeks of them performing during the battle rounds. If you are wondering who has the highest chance of winning, according to me it will have to be Liliac Band. And fans seem to think so too. 

Why does Liliac Band have a higher chance at winning? Well, it has to do with the energy and power they have radiated with their performance right from the start. It had everyone on their feet wanting more.  And coming from within the family, it is sure to resonate with the fans and judges alike. And being kids at such a young age, and doing what they do is not an easy task. 



Overall because of the power that oozes out during their performance, they have a higher chance to catch the judges' eyes and attention and win this battle. Fans also seem to think the Liliac Band stands a higher chance at winning this battle.

"Deserving or not it all goes to the ones with the most talent. Kids their age doing what they do is harder than just singing. More talent on #TWBLiliac!" wrote a fan.

While another added, "No competition. It has to be #TWBLiliac for the win. Vote with your hearts guys and not who the suits in the offices tell you to vote for." 

To see who makes it to the championship round after the battle, tune in to CBS on Wednesday. 'The World's Best' airs every Wednesday on CBS. Check your local listings for more information. 

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