The World's Best: Fans love the Liliac Band, but do they stand a chance of making it to the finals?

The World's Best: Fans love the Liliac Band, but do they stand a chance of making it to the finals?

'The World's Best' is off to a good start with its audition process just done and dusted. Since its premiere, three episodes of auditions have been aired, not only giving fans their deserved dose of entertainment but also giving them a glimpse of the good things to come. 

The top 24 contestants will now be facing off after the commencement of battle rounds next week. They will be divided into four groups: Solo Music, Group Music, Solo Variety, and Group Variety. 

While we wait for the battle rounds to commence, let's take a look at the one band that caught the most eyes during the audition: Liliac Band. Though fans and viewers were just given a glimpse of their audition, they have surely taken a liking to the band. And it comes as no surprise because they were really good.


So who is the Liliac Band and do they have what it takes to make it to the finals. 

The band hails from the US and consists of three brothers and two sisters. Nineteen-year-old Samuel Cristea is the lead guitarist, Abigail Cristea, 18, is the drummer, 16-year-old Melody Cristea is the bassist and lead vocalist, Ethan Cristea, 11, is the rhythm guitarist and 10-year-old Justin Cristea is the keyboardist.

This young hard rock band was envisioned and formed by the kids' father Floren Cristea who is a well-known music producer. He has produced for various TV shows like MTV’s 'True Life', '10 on Top', 'Morning Hot Mix', 'Parental Control' among others. 

But it hasn't been a smooth ride for the Liliac Band to the show. After moving to California from Oregon in 2008, the family had to file for bankruptcy and start their lives from scratch.


With countless hours of practicing, writing songs, and recording them in episodes, Liliac Band has finally been able to make a name for themselves. 

They are often seen performing in the Santa Monica Pier. 'The World's Best' is the first competition they have entered. And with such an inspiring story, fans are mad at the producers for not showing their entire performance.

"@WorldsBestCBS #TWBliliac CBS you screwed up. How could you edit out the audition od the best new band in America?? They got soooo many people to tune in that wouldn't have given your show a second glance. They are my favorite act even though you silenced them," wrote a fan. 


Though we didn't get a full look at the band's performance on the show till date, a look at their YouTube channel is enough to surmise that these kids are really talented. But do they have what it takes to make it to the finals and win? According to me I surely think Liliac Band has a large chance to make it to the finals. 


Though there were other equally amazing performances, Liliac Band's performance outshined others because of the energy and power they radiated with their performance. They also had audience's attention from the beginning, and I don't think anyone else had the audience standing up and enjoying as during their performance. They also have ample stage presence, which will surely work for them in the future. 

Liliac Band is one band to look out for and we just hope the series showcases their entire performance next week during the faceoffs.

'The World's Best' airs on CBS. Check your local listings for more information. 

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