'The World's Best': Fans hail Dimash Kudaibergen's decision to quit as 13-year-old Lydian Nadhaswaram bags the title

'The World's Best' finally announced 13-year-old pianist Lydian Nadhaswaram as the winner on Wednesday following Dimash Kudaibergen's shock withdrawal from competition

                            'The World's Best': Fans hail Dimash Kudaibergen's decision to quit as 13-year-old Lydian Nadhaswaram bags the title

Since its premiere in February, 'The World's Best' has introduced us to some truly amazing acts from all over the world. Every competitor had what it takes to win the title. But, sadly, the title could only go to one contestant.

After many auditions, battle rounds, and championship rounds, 'The World's Best' finally announced the winner who won a huge sum of a million dollars on Wednesday. The winner was none other than the young maestro Lydian Nadhaswaram. The news made many fans and viewers happy because the talented 13-year-old pianist was truly a well-deserved winner.


Though Nadhaswaram won the competition, there was one frontrunner who won the hearts of fans and judges alike: Dimash Kudaibergen. Almost everyone thought the title would go to Kudaibergen. And everyone was shocked when Kudaibergen revealed that he will be quitting the show during the Championship rounds. Kudaibergen decided to quit the show after he realized that he would be up against Daneliya Tuleshova and Nadhaswaram.

When the shocked judges asked him why he decided to quit the show, Kudaibergen revealed that, because he was up against two children, he wished to let them both advance.

And even though the three main judges tried their best to convince Kudaibergen to stay and compete, he did not. Even though Kudaibergen did not get enough support from the judges over his decision to quit, his fans showered him with all their love and support. 


"Love your priorities, @dimash_official you chose not to go up against the kids. He only found out about the kids midway through the competition," wrote a fan. Another added, "@dimash_official once again demonstrated what does it mean being HUMAN with huge heart! You never cease to surprise us, our Prince! Thank you for your generosity That was #OneMillionWorthGesture @RuPaul @FaithHill @DrewBarrymore @WorldsBestCBS ."

Adding to that, another fan said, "Kudos to dimash for stepping down to give way for the kids. Just shows the huge difference in culture. Who the hell would think it's OK to compete/win against small kids? #TWBDimash #WorldsBest."


Fans also showered their love on Nadhaswaram who won the title of 'The World's Best' and walked away with the grand prize for his amazing talent.

"Congratulations Lydian! You are such a talented young man and you earned this with your brilliant performance. Dimash stepping down was honorable and showed everyone how much he believes in both you and Daneliya. I wish the judges understood that. I hope your dreams come true!" said a fan.

Another fan added, "Congratulations Lydian! You are an amazing talent and your World’s Best win was well deserved! You earned it with every single performance! Never doubt that!"