The World's Best episode 5: Fans are taking judges' decision to eliminate the TNT Boys pretty harshly

The World's Best episode 5: Fans are taking judges' decision to eliminate the TNT Boys pretty harshly

'The World's Best' started off great in February after SuperBowl LIII and now is coming toward its end. With the Battle rounds just done and dusted, the Championship rounds have begun. On Wednesday when 'The World's Best' aired with its final battle round followed by the first championship round for the categories Solo Variety and Group Music Performances, fans and viewers got to witness some real groundbreaking talent that made it to the finals. Apart from that we also saw breathtaking performances that were eliminated. Among them was the TNT Boys. 


Performing against Naturally 7 and Vonnie Lopez and the High Praise Choir, for a spot in the finals, the TNT Boys gave a heartwarming performance of Jessie J's 'Flashlight'. But sadly it wasn't enough to keep them in the competition, as they lost to Naturally 7. 

The judges' decision to eliminate the TNT Boys came as a shock to many fans and viewers, which left them appalled. "So the only group who’s given this show popularity has been eliminated? Chin up boys, we all know you have conquered the world. We’ll always be with you and behind you. Continue reaching for the stars. Philippines and the world know what you can do and we all love you!" wrote a fan. While another added, "we just need a naturally talented trio. not five six or seven!!! If you all still want to have the half of the world watch you in the finale, Bring the @TheTNTBoys back!!!! we demand!!!! BRING 'EM BAAAAAACK!!!! Don't play with us @WorldsBestCBS"


It was a sad sight to see such amazing talent walk off the stage, especially after the comments they received. "When you have a show called 'The World's Best,' that's a very high bar to set and you guys just reach it every time if not surpass it," Drew Barrymore told the young singers. When they were exiting the stage, host James Corden told the boys, "Every single person who has watched you perform on this show, you have moved them and changed them and this is the start of an incredible journey.”

Taking the judges' decision pretty harshly, fans reacted by stating it was rigged and scripted. "To The Worlds Beast, I mean @WorldsBestCBS. You have the credible judges around the world, let the TNT boys lose by their own caliber and not staged nor scripted. Give justice to asian talents at least, not again" wrote a fan.

While another fan said, "We don't want a show that is obviously scripted! I'm outta here." Some pointed that because the TNT Boys were eliminated, the series will lose viewers. "Showrunners of The World's Best better be ready for the backlash of your decision. The show will definitely have a much reduced viewership and/or subscribers."


It was a sad moment to see the young talent go home empty-handed. But this will surely not be the end of their journey, as we are sure we will be hearing a lot more from them. 

'The World's Best' airs every Wednesday on CBS. Check your local listings for more information. 

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