The World's Best Season 1: 'Six-Octave-Man' Dimash Kudaibergen stuns judges with his vocal range

The World's Best Season 1: 'Six-Octave-Man' Dimash Kudaibergen stuns judges with his vocal range

'The World's Best' recently premiered after the Superbowl LIII on Sunday. And with just two episodes into the season, the newest CBS reality TV competition series already has its viewers sitting at the edge of their seat waiting for the next episode. 

The show is hosted by James Corden, while Drew Barrymore, RuPaul Charles, and Faith Hill joined the series as the main panel of judges. Apart from the three main judges, the series also has the 'Wall of the World' which is a panel consisting of 50 judges, who hail from all over the world. These judges are experts in various genres from the entertainment field. They will help the main judges decide on who the winner should be. 



On Wednesday, when the second episode of the show aired on CBS, we witnessed the marvelous talent of different contestants who came from all over the world. While there were many that stood out, the one performance that left every single judge spellbound was the performance of Dimash Kudaibergen from Kazakhstan. Kudaibergen is not new to the scene of performing and stardom. He is already well-known in Kazakhstan and has entered 'The World's Best' with the aim of winning the title and to gain worldwide fame.

Given the title, 'The Six Octave Man', Kudaibergen left everyone breathless with his vocal range during his first performance. Kudaibergen performed the fan favorite song, SOS. In his introduction, Kudaibergen revealed, " I've been performing music for the past 20 years. When I got older, I got a deeper voice, but my high-pitched voice stayed with me. So now I have a very big vocal range." 



After his performance, Kudaibergen was showered with praises by the judges. Kudaibergen, just like the TNT Boys who received an almost perfect score, also received a near perfect score of 98/100. Apart from that, Kudaibergen also won the fan favorite vote of the day. 

His voice is like fire, just like the backdrop during his performance. He didn't miss a note. Kudaibergen already has a large fanbase, so him winning the fan favorite vote was not a surprise, and he truly deserved it too. When the news of his win was revealed, fans couldn't control their excitement and went gaga over Kudaibergen and his performance. 



"Okay I had to admit it, you're so so soo cute #TWBDimash! even for a 2 minutes video, you've stolen our hearts !! You're absolutely the #WorldsBest in everything you do!!," wrote a fan. While another added, "It's so exciting to see how many Dears & new viewers were touched by your superb musical talent! Dears from all over are ready & willing to support you!! #TWBDimash #WorldsBest." 

With the amount of support that Kudaibergen receives from his fans for his talent, it assures us that Kudaibergen has a high chance of winning any fan favorite vote that happens. He also has a good chance to win the series on the whole. Because he has a unique voice that we haven't heard before. "If I closed my eyes, I would've thought there were at least eight to 10 people singing," Drew Barrymore revealed about his performance. "One minute you're Queen, and the next minute you're Pavarotti, and I'm like, how is this all happening out of one person?" 

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