The World's Best: Who is Daneliya Tuleshova and why her fans love her

After numerous trailers were revealed by The World's Best, Daneliya's fans were able to catch glimpses of her performing and cannot wait for the show to start

                            The World's Best: Who is Daneliya Tuleshova and why her fans love her

Following in the footsteps of successful reality TV competition series like, 'X Factor', 'The Voice', 'American Idol' and America's Got Talent, that have acquired many seasons of air time, CBS has now come up with their own reality TV show. 

The World's Best is a global talent competition series announced by CBS and is set to premiere February 3. It will be hosted by famous talk show host James Corden. Drew Barrymore, RuPaul Andre Charles, and Faith Hill will join as the panel of judges. This reality show will also feature 50 of the world's most accomplished experts from various fields of entertainment, to help in the adjudication.

With barely a month left for The World's Best to start, we recently revealed there is already a fan-favorite. Dimash Kudaibergen is a Kazakh singer who developed a large fan base even before he could appear on the show. Now, there is competition for being fan-favorite as another Kazakh singer steals the spotlight. Daneliya Tuleshova is a 12-year-old singer from Kazakhstan who has been stealing hearts since her first appearance on 'The Voice Kids' (Ukraine) in 2016. 


Following her win on 'The Voice Kids' (Ukraine), Daneliya went on to represent Kazakhstan at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest that happened last year. She performed an original called 'Ózińe sen.' Daneliya came in 6th at the competition with a total of 171 points.

Now, after numerous trailers were revealed by The World's Best, her fans were able to catch glimpses of Daneliya performing and cannot wait for the show to start. In a trailer that was revealed, we can see RuPaul tell Daneliya that it is because of contestants like her that the show was created and the little girl welled up with tears.


Fans took to social media, showering their love and claiming she is a rare find. "Daneliya is the world's best child singer. In fact, vocal experts say there are only handful of people in history that could teleport emotion to the listener. Elvis Michael Jackson and Conway .... watch and see if she make[s] you feel anything. Let's not let this little angel down everyone please watch," wrote a fan.

While another added saying, "She's just getting started. Her something else is what most singers don't have. That's the ability to convey emotion. You'll see her many years from now on top of the charts." Could it be that Daneliya gets as famous as Dimash before the show could air, because fans sure are rooting for her.

Fans are also comparing her to Dimash, saying if she continues to be as good as she is now, she will soon be like him. "Kazakhstan is a country with most beautiful voices in the world... Daneliya work hard, and You will be such a great like Dimash... Love You," said a fan.

Though the show features people from all over the world, they have not made headlines like Dimash and Daneliya have. One thing is for sure, no matter who comes on the show, these two Kazakh singers will surely have a wide range of followers.

The World's Best will air on CBS February 3. Check your local listings for more information.