'The World's Best' episode 3: From a child prodigy to a once tone-deaf singer, here are three performances that wowed the judges

With the final round of auditions for 'The World's Best' recently done and dusted, here are the top 3 contestants who stood out and won the hearts of everyone including the judges. 

                            'The World's Best' episode 3: From a child prodigy to a once tone-deaf singer, here are three performances that wowed the judges

'The World's Best' is slowly gaining the audience's attention. It could also be attributed to the fact that right after the lackluster Super Bowl LIII, the show premiered giving the viewers the much-needed dose of entertainment. 'The World's Best' features the best acts from all around the world being judged by Drew Barrymore, RuPaul Charles, Faith Hill and helping them in this monumental task is a panel of 50 experts known as 'Wall of the World'.

With the first two episodes, the judges and the panel seemed quite liberal with their points, rewarding many contestants with high scores. But when the last part of the auditions took place on Wednesday, the judges seemed to reserve their points for the best. With the final round of auditions over, here are the top 3 contestants who have both the judges and audience's votes in their bag.

Daneliya Tuleshova 

On Wednesday when the final round of the auditions aired, fans and viewers got to witness the most awaited performance of Daneliya Tuleshova. The 12-year-old from Kazakhstan left everyone including the judges with goosebumps after her performance of 'Rise Up.' Tuleshova even moved Barrymore to tears. "We hope for these moments on this show, and you moved me to tears," revealed the judge. 

Her voice was angelic and bold and it created the perfect tone. While everyone loved her performance and even though she bagged the highest score of the night, 96/100, Margareta the vocal coach had a few words to tell the little prodigy. She told Tuleshova to improve on her technique and make it strong just like how she moves people with her voice. 

With these comments from the judges, we cannot wait to see what Tuleshova brings to the stage the next time she performs in front of the judges. Tuleshova already had a huge fanbase before her performance on 'The World's Best' and it comes with no doubt that her following may have witnessed a considerable increase.



Liliac Band

The Liliac Band, which hails from the US, consists of three brothers and two sisters. We only got a glimpse of their performance from the time they auditioned and needless to say, the audience was in for a treat when they saw them perform for the first time in front of them. The Liliac Band's forte lies in playing classic rock covers and originals. Performing for the first time in front of the judges and audience, they sure blew the roof off with their energy and talent. Scoring an overall score of 91 points, they advanced to the next round. After their performance, it is safe to say that hard rock will not be dying anytime soon. And the most surprising thing about the band is that they are just kids. 

Sadly fans are disappointed with the producers of the show because they just showed a small clip of the band performing and not their entire performance. We cannot wait until next week to see them perform again. Hopefully this time it will be a full performance and not just a clip. 



Vonnie Lopez & The High Praise Choir

Hailing from the United States, Vonnie, and her group's performance wowed the judges and made them gush over her amazing voice. The best part that makes Vonnie stand out among all the other performances is her past. Born tone-deaf into a family that loves music, Vonnie was healed by a miracle at the age of 13. With her angelic voice and performance, she took everyone back to church. 

After her performance, Hill said, "This is a voice we need in this world right now." Scoring an overall of 92/100 Vonnie Lopez & The High Praise Choir's performance was absolutely heartwarming and made both judges and viewers fall in love with her voice. 



The Battle rounds start next week with a face-off happening between the top 24 contestants who have advanced after the auditions. They have been separated into four categories and will perform within Solo Music, Group Music, Solo Variety, and Group Variety.

While we wait for the performances next week you can go to Twitter and vote for your favorite act of Wednesday and help that contestant win the fan favorite vote of the day. 

'The World's Best' airs on CBS. Check your local listings for more information. 

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