'The World's Best': Fans reveal how Dimash Kudaibergen became a worldwide sensation even before the show aired

'The World's Best': Fans reveal how Dimash Kudaibergen became a worldwide sensation even before the show aired

It's Sunday, which means it's time for CBS' new series 'The World's Best'. Following series like 'X Factor', 'America's Got Talent', 'American Idol', and 'The Voice' that have set high benchmarks when it comes to reality TV competition series, 'The World's Best' aims to cross it all. 

Claiming to be the "Olympics for Entertainment", 'The World's Best' features Drew Barrymore, RuPaul Andre Charles, and Faith Hill as the main judging panel along with talk show host James Corden who will be hosting this series. Along from them, the series also features 50 judges who hail from all over the world and are experts in various fields of entertainment. Called "The Wall of the World", these 50 judges will help the main judging panel pick a winner. 


After many sneak peeks and teasers that the series had shared with us in the course of this month, the show is finally set to premiere with the contestants giving it their best. By taking a microscopic look at these teasers and sneak peeks that were shared on the series' social media pages, fans found their favorite. And that is none other than Dimash Kudaibergen, a 24-year-old singer from Kazakhstan. 

Kudaibergen has had fans who hail from all over the world from a really young age. He won the Grand Prix of Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk, Belarus, in the year 2015. After he was spotted in the teasers, fans got really excited.

MEAWW got in touch with Kudaibergen's fans and we asked them what makes him stand out from other singers they have heard before. This is what they said. "His voice is pure beauty we experience with our emotional repertoire, through our senses. Just listening to his tones in our head brings us back to this absolute freedom. This may sound abstract and philosophical but I've been thinking a lot about what happens when he sings — what happens to me and even many others and try to put that into words. And these are just words — I think so much of what happens when we hear his voice cannot be phrased but simply felt and experienced. This makes him stand out, as I see it," said Helga Ogmundardottir from Dimash Kudaibergen International Fan Club.


Adding to that, Chris Bostaph from Pennsylvania, who is part of the same fan club, said, "Dimash becomes the music. He sings with his magnificent voice while putting his heart, mind, and soul into each song. He was given the gift of music and now shares it with all who listen. His love has no boundaries, he is a blessing to this world." While Lisa Barnes from Washington said, "There is so much that stands out about Dimash over other singers. To mention a few, his vocal range, control, and ability are absolutely mind-blowing. He has charisma. He is humble and kind. He is appreciative and loving towards his fans and family. A true gentleman. His voice caught my attention, but it is his character that won my heart." 

Fans sure do adore him and know what they are talking about. But will it be easy for them to pick one favorite song of his? It was not easy for fans when we asked them to pick one song which they think is their favorite and why they think so too. "Wow. Tough to choose just one song since I love so many. I guess I would have to say 'Late Autumn' because it is hauntingly beautiful and it touches my heart and soul. And I don’t even understand the Mandarin lyrics (nor do I need to)," said Maisie Thompson. Julia Santos from Portugal said, "Choose only one?! Asking for the impossible! 'SOS' or 'Late Autumn'. Those two performances moved me in ways like never before. Something in me definitely changed after 'SOS'... OK I choose 'SOS'."


While most fans revealed that their favorite would be 'SOS' or 'Late Autumn', some preferred other songs which touched them even though they didn't understand the language. "Let's put it this way. If I were to spend the rest of my life on a deserted island and never hear anything but one song I would have chosen his 'I Love Only You' in Ukrainian. Though it is not in my language, the power with which he was able to touch emotional strings of the audience is overwhelming," said Dina Igaliyeva from Astana, Kazakhstan. 

Kudaibergen is not a singer with just the voice of an angel, he has the looks of one too. Could that be the only reason he could have a huge fan following? Fans, however, have given their word as to why Kudaibergen has such a huge following.

"The remarkable thing about Dimash’s fan base is not just its huge dynamic (too big and too loyal in a very short time) but also the range of ages represented. I think that all these can be mainly attributed to 3 combined factors: 1. His undeniably extraordinary talent. 2. His repertoire, covering many different music styles, including folk elements. Such a repertoire can attract people of all ages as well as different musical tastes. 3. His personality," said Lila Simitzi from Greece.


According to Zuleika Diaz, Kudaibergen is the whole package and that's the reason he has a huge fan base. "He is a whole package! His vocal abilities, skills techniques, range, control. He plays different instruments, speaks various languages, he is a composer, writes poetry. And his personality, with good morals and values. Plus he is hot! And all that is for what I have noticed I can’t even imagine if I knew him for real!"

Rimma from Philadelphia added, "Dimash is a gifted human being! He has so much to offer and he does give it all to his audience. People who fell in love with him experience some sort of unearthly feeling when they listen to his voice! There are no words to describe it, but we want to hear him again and again and never get tired of it."

Fans are rooting for Kudaibergen and think he has a high chance of winning. To see what happens don't forget to watch 'The World's Best' when it airs after the Superbowl on Sunday, February 3, on CBS. Check your local listings for more information.

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