Indie alt-pop band THE WLDLFE's latest track 'The Other Side' is a comment on ambition and the struggles of creativity

Their music is a subtle reminder of Bon Iver but at the same time is just as hard-hitting as any pop song today

                            Indie alt-pop band THE WLDLFE's latest track 'The Other Side' is a comment on ambition and the struggles of creativity

The struggles of life in the creative industry is not a new subject and yet, the experience of it continues to remain a unique one for many individuals. Synth pop band, THE WLDLFE's latest track 'The Other Side' is a reminder of that strenuous ambition which overtakes rationale and leaves every individual with nothing but dilapidated hope. Released on Friday, the track has been mixed by. Mike Malchicoff (King Princess) and takes a look at managing expectations vs. reality in the creative industry. 

The rising indie alt-pop band from Indianapolis, Indiana, opened for Halsey in their hometown last year and participated in Music Cities Forum, working to put the city on the map as a primary music source. The cool thing about THE WLDLFE is their ability to perfectly capture those contemplative, conflicting feelings that emerge in your early 20s.

Their sound has evolved into a unique blend of Bon Iver vocal production treatments over Muse-style rock while holding some of the fun of The Pretenders. The group's debut album, 'I'm Not Worried Anymore', has had 1.5 million streams to-date receiving playlist support on Spotify's New Music Friday and Indie Shuffle. They just booked a tour with Valley and are currently out with Lennon Stella.


In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), the band spoke about the exhaustion that goes behind making an album and the process of creating it. Lead singer Jansen Hogan explained the idea behind creating a single after a full-length album. "To be honest, making an album is mentally exhausting. We loved creating a collection of music that all fed off each other and had a purpose, but I think that we’re coming to terms with a beauty that is in simplicity and not necessarily having a plan. We’re not sure if the songs we’ve written over the last few months will become an album or not, but we definitely are sure that these songs feel more like 'us' than anything we’ve done in the past."

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While writing songs, Jansen often prefers a quiet corner to compose his lyrics. He said, "I really just sit alone in [the] bedroom and take an idea that I want to build a song around and then just lock myself in until I can feel the vision for it. Then I take it to the studio with the guys and we take it from a demo to fully-produced version of the track. [It] feels like a simple answer but that truly is how the five of us are." However, composing music in a world which at the moment if overflowing with genres, Hogan stated that they have reached a point where they are pretty comfortable with their band's music and its sound. 

He explained, "I think as guys growing up in a time where the amount of art is so saturated, it’s hard to settle in to who you are as an artists. There’s so much influence which can make it tough to find yourself. I think we’ve gotten to the point as artists and as people, that we feel confident in who we are and where we’re going, and I think that ultimately just makes the music better." Their confidence about their musing rock sound is evident in their new track, and it is worth listening to.