'The Widow' Season 1 preview: Kate Beckinsale nails her TV return as Amazon banks on A-listers

Julia Roberts aced her television score with Amazon's 'Homecoming,' now it's Kate Beckinsale's time to mark her television return with 'The Widow'

                            'The Widow' Season 1 preview: Kate Beckinsale nails her TV return as Amazon banks on A-listers

Julia Roberts' 'Homecoming,' heralded a trend of beckoning A-list actresses to TV screens and here comes Kate Beckinsale with the upcoming Amazon Prime Videos original 'The Widow.' Fans have already signed up for the series simply because it features the award-winning actress, but the show is much more than that.

Rendering one of her best performances to date, Beckinsale plays 'the widow,' whose husband of over ten years goes MIA after visiting the Democratic Republic of Congo for a work-related purpose. Shuffling between flashbacks and present day, the story interweaves over a three-year gap, and it features more action than anticipated. A quick look at the trailer, guarantees an explosive and action-packed watch, but the return of the 45-year-old actress to the small screen is what makes the show all the more interesting.

The London-born actress started her career with minor TV roles and moved on to films and established herself as an action star especially after playing a vampire in 2003's 'Underworld.' Her return to television, in almost a decade, certainly spells out an event and the remarkable comeback not only establishes her as a versatile actress, but also draws Amazon's status in the high-budget streaming world, mainly against its arch-rival, Netflix, that has sworn to produce over 700 originals a year.

Amazon, with the likes of Julia Roberts and Kate Beckinsale, is focusing more on star-studded casts with quality content. Let's talk about Roberts' 'Homecoming,' where the actress played the role of Heidi Bergman, a novice psychologist hired to oversee counseling at a facility called Homecoming, a Tampa-based rehabilitation center where soldiers voluntarily enroll in programs to ease their re-entry into everyday life.

The flashback and the time-space occur in a four-year gap, as Roberts switches from being a therapist to a waitress. The series secured raving reviews and critics hailed how she had nailed her finest performance in almost two decades.

That can be said for Kate Beckinsale's 'The Widow' as well, not two decades, of course, but almost equally gripping a performance. Losing her husband and living as a widow, minor accidents make her aware of how lonely life can get, as she suddenly sets out on an adventure because there's hope her husband is still alive. The trailer showed the intensity of how brilliant Beckinsale is in the upcoming crime mystery as her facial expressions say it all, going from a happy-married wife to a remorseful widow. 

In the backdrop of all the commotion happening in Congo, children are lured or perhaps kidnapped into terrorism, and Beckinsale, who plays Georgia Wells, takes us to the depth of the storylines as she figures how none of it makes sense. The series is a complex watch and will demand intense attention, but once you delve into it, it's an emotional ride into the nuances of the physical world. You will feel it all. 

'The Widow' will premiere March 1 on Amazon Prime Videos.