'The Widow' preview: 5 reasons you should watch the upcoming Kate Beckinsale series on Amazon Prime Videos

'The Widow' preview: 5 reasons you should watch the upcoming Kate Beckinsale series on Amazon Prime Videos

Kate Beckinsale returns to TV after almost 10 years so that should be a reason enough for you to tune into Amazon Prime Video's original series, 'The Widow,' slated to premiere on March 1.

But if you need more reasons, here they are;

1. It's a thriller

No, not the ghost kind of spooky thriller exactly, but when we start out, we aren't sure if Kate Beckinsale, who plays the role of the widow, Georgia Wells, is chasing a ghost or if her missing husband is really alive. The complicated thriller will keep you hooked because we really want to find out why the body was never found if the plane explosion did kill Will Mason, and if he is alive, then why hasn't he come home in three years? 

The good news? You can binge-watch it at a go and find that out.


2. It's an adventure

Georgia Wells' life turns upside down after the incident, obviously, and while she adjusts to her new way of life, she feels compelled to make a trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where the mystery all began. The filming for the eight-episode series took place in Wales, Rotterdam and South Africa and the released trailer shows us a plethora of landscapes that feature in the series, from dense forests in central Africa to a pier in Rotterdam.


3. Comes from the creators of 'The Missing'

A YouTube user pointed out that the trailer should have mentioned that the show is written by Harry and Jack Williams, the owner of London-based production company Two Brothers Pictures. The duo did a splendid job in creating 'The Missing,' that follows the story of a couple who suddenly loses their five-year-old son when vacationing in France.

The series has a Metacritic rating of 85 percent and 'The Missing' fans are looking forward to 'The Widow.' "Harry and Jack Williams have created a powerful story, which will be brought to life by one of the world’s most talented actresses, and we are excited to bring this thrilling series to Prime members around the world," Brad Beale, vice-president of worldwide TV content acquisition for Amazon Prime Video, said in a statement last year.


 4. How far can you go for love?

The story is about Georgia Wells, who is convinced her husband is alive and is willing to risk everything to prove she is right. Some view her as a crazy woman, missing her husband, but there are a few who believe her. Most importantly, she believes in herself and she believes in the intuition of love. That is why she flies to the DRC after spotting a man who looks like her husband on the news. It could be him, it may not be him, but there's no stopping Georgia from fighting for love.

5. Kate Beckinsale and a star cast

Kate Beckinsale and Charles Dance in the still of 'The Widow'
Kate Beckinsale and Charles Dance in the still of 'The Widow'

This is, hands down, one of the best works of Kate Beckinsale. From a melancholic widow to a fierce woman in action, Georgia Wells conquers it all. Besides Kate, there's Charles Dance to look forward to, along with Alex Kingston and Nigerian actor Babs Olusanmokun. The series is produced by Eliza Mellor (Liar, The Living and the Dead, Poldark), directed by Sam Donovan (Humans, Liar, Utopia) and Olly Blackburn (Donkey Punch, Glue).

'The Widow' will premiere March 1 on Amazon Prime Videos in over 200 countries.

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