The times WWE has taken a weird turn, just to scoop up some ratings

The rating for the show has gradually fallen so obviously the show has to stir things up just to get ratings up again.

                            The times WWE has taken a weird turn, just to scoop up some ratings
WWE logo, John Cena and Nikki Bella (Source : Getty Images)

You know when people say 'that show will do anything for ratings'? We'd like to introduce you to the World Wrestling Entertainment company. The WWE has never really been about the wrestling. I mean, there have some some truly bizarre things that they've chosen to air.

The rating for the show has gradually fallen, so obviously the show has to stir things up just to get the ratings up again. Let's take a look at the crazy stunts that the WWE has pulled just to get good ratings. 

1. John Cena pops the question on stage

The saying 'grin and bear it' literally applies to John Cena and his 'relationship' with fellow wrestler Nikki Bella. The two ended their six-year relationship after Cena popped the question in the ring with Bella. So many people speculated that Cena was gritting his teeth through the entire engagement and this was what pushed the couple to go their separate ways.

2. The Undertaker takes an unwilling bride

Hey man, even undead wrestlers need a companion for life, er, eternity. When The Undertaker decided to kidnap Stephanie Dark and take her as his forcefully wedded wife, the whole stadium was shocked to say the least. They brought her out on a crucifix. That's pretty messed up! The Undertaker scared the jewels out of us as kids, but now when we look back at moments like this one, it brings us a little relief. 

3. David Arquette shows up and wins a title

Yeah David Arquette is a title holder. Does that surprise you? It shouldn't because that's how absurd the world of wrestling entertainment is. Mind you, he drags  himself to the ring and proceeds to beat the living daylights out of his opponents like it was nothing. That's some quality acting right there, let me tell you. 

4. The Final Deletion

Fair warning, this video can be used to educate young kids on the scary effects of doing too many drugs. Matt and Jeff Hardy have had a fairly strange partnership. It went up a notch when Matt was done being overshadowed by his brother Jeff who, by the way, was inhabited by a spirit from the future that turned him into a supervillain. Guys this was very hard for me to type out with a straight face, you should just watch the video. 

5. John Cena gets spooked by a bunch of kids

In a supposed feud, Bray Wyatt tried very very hard to get into John Cena's head. But the fight got super weird when Bray brought out a bunch of kids to sing 'He's Got The Whole World in His Hands' in sheep masks. Very creepy, very weird.

As a bonus, here's a video of Mae Young giving birth to a hand on live television. Why? Because your eyes need to be witness to this glorious 'sport'. 

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