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'The Watcher': Fans disappointed with Netflix crime thriller's ending, say 'what a letdown'

'What a letdown. I can’t believe the creators, who took understandable liberties w/the truth, could not fabricate a better ending than that,' a fan tweeted
UPDATED OCT 18, 2022
A still from 'The Watcher' (Netflx)
A still from 'The Watcher' (Netflx)

Contains spoilers for 'The Watcher'

Despite the chilling real-life tale that 'The Watcher' was based on, fans who caught the Netflix latest were disappointed with the ending. The seven-episode series by Ryan Murphy follows a couple who were scared out of their dream home by a stalker whose identity remains a mystery to date. Starring Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale as Dean and Nora Brannock in lead roles, 'The Watcher' sees the couple move to a lovely home in the suburbs of New Jersey. Rounding up the cast are Jennifer Coolidge and Mia Farrow in key roles.

Life for the Brannocks remains good until they move and it all goes down at 657 Boulevard in Westfield when they are sent a string of threatening letters from an anonymous person claiming to be The Watcher. Over the course of time, everyone becomes a suspect and the husband and wife start suspecting each other as well. It appears that the mystery is solved when detective Theodora (Noma Dumezweni) is revealed to be terminally ill as the stalker. However, it later dawns that she was lying and the couple eventually moves out.


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Internet disappointed by 'The Watcher' ending

Fans were not happy with the ending as they expected the chilling series to reach a crescendo at some stage." The Watcher is good so far but I feel like I’m going to be annoyed. Especially if they keep the ending accurate," a tweet read.

This was seconded by another, "I should’ve turned the watcher off after the PI said it was her cause I was satisfied w) that ending."

Another fan slammed the creator. "Why is Ryan Murphy like this? The Watcher was so incredible! Then he just pulled the ultimate Ryan Murphy ending and god damn it why," they said.

"Since no NYY tonight, I finished #TheWatcher on #Netflix. What a letdown. I can’t believe the creators, who took understandable liberties w/the truth, could not fabricate a better ending than that. Needs to a part-2," a comment read.

"The watcher would be a 10/10 series but the ending was awful. I get it’s based on an unsolved case but the ending could’ve been done so much better," one of the fans wrote.

"The watcher had the dumbest ending bro for the sake of the show could we have just had some closure, 7hrs of my lifeeeee," a tweet said.







'The Watcher' is streaming on Netflix.

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