'The Walls are Watching': 5 things you need to know about Lifetime mystery thriller

'The Walls are Watching': 5 things you need to know about Lifetime mystery thriller
Walls Are Watching (Lifetime)

'The Walls are Watching', a soon-to-release movie, has it all. It's a story on vengeance, betrayal and scare. With a spill of romance around some corners, it will certainly leave you stunned.

The story features Theodore Souza, who is someone that has not come to terms with losing his new home to a couple that recently bought it at an auction. This feeling of loss forms the driving force to make him want to terrorize the couple into giving up their newly purchased home and flee.


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When will 'The Walls are Watching' release?

The upcoming movie will air on April 30, 2022. You can watch the movie on the Lifetime channel. 

What is 'The Walls are Watching' all about?

The original synopsis reads: "Theodore Souza is a blue-collar worker who lost his family to a tragic death, lost his job and now his house as the bank forecloses. When a newlywed couple wins his house in a bank auction, Theodore refuses to accept that his house is no longer his, and he terrorizes the young couple to get them out of the home."

As the synopsis suggests, this is going to be a movie with an awe factor. So be sure not to miss it!

Who stars in the Lifetime thriller?

Brandon Ford Green, Branscombe Richmond, and Lana McKissack are some of the leading protagonists. 



This movie is directed by, Brian Herzlinger, who has also famously directed and written 'My Date with Drew' (2004), 'Meet My Valentine' (2015) and 'Twinkle All the Way' (2019). The writers of this movie are Jay Black and Brian Herzlinger.


The trailer to this mystery thriller hasn't been released yet. So keep an eye out on this space for future updates.

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