'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' Episode 6 Preview: Can the group trust a stranger in their midst?

When the group meets someone new, it's not long before he has them divided amongst themselves

                            'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' Episode 6 Preview: Can the group trust a stranger in their midst?
'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' (AMC)

'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' has focused on the same characters for a while, now - and for the first time, they're introducing someone new to the mix. After fighting for their lives to safely cross the Mississipi River – or, more pointedly, the point of no return - the group finds themselves accosted at their camp by none other than new character Percy (Ted Sutherland), who's seen brandishing a weapon, looking ready for a fight.

A fight is avoided, thankfully, as the trailer for the next episode reveals that Felix (Nico Tortorella) manages to get the drop on Percy from behind, getting Percy to drop his weapon and share his story with the group. It turns out that, living out on his own in the wild, Percy has his own reasons to distrust strangers. His own belongings have been stolen by two opportunists on the road, and he needs the help of the group to get them back. The group does agree to help him, but according to the synopsis for the next episode, the decision to do so further splits a group that's already divided on purpose.

Percy is likely the kind of person that the sheltered kids of 'World Beyond' have never met before someone who lives beyond the confines of a safe zone, making their way alone out in the world. He appears to be somewhat of a chaotic element, as well, as he leads the group away from their goals and into danger. It's unlikely that Felix is going to be ready to trust someone out in the wild, but the teenagers of the group have been shown to be a lot more welcoming. Is this their naivety putting them in further danger, or can Percy actually be taken at his word?

The official synopsis for this episode, entitled 'Shadow Puppets', reads "When an unexpected newcomer reveals information that could help them reach their destination, the group cuts a deal; while some are intrigued by the new arrival, others are suspicious." AMC has released the opening minutes of the episode, featuring a retelling of the zombie apocalypse's beginnings through shadow puppetry, which you can watch below:


This episode of 'The Walking Dead: The World Beyond' airs November 8 at 10 PM E.T., on AMC.