'The Walking Dead: World Beyond': The CRM's plan to get a hold of their 'asset' is unnecessarily convoluted

The CRM's recruitment attempts are a lot more complicated than they need to be, especially given that they're holding all the cards

                            'The Walking Dead: World Beyond': The CRM's plan to get a hold of their 'asset' is unnecessarily convoluted
Still from 'Walking Dead: World Beyond' (AMC)

Spoilers for 'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' Season 1, Episode 10 'In This Life'

There are no lengths to which the CRM will not go in order to get what they want. While their ultimate goals still remain vague beyond wanting to restore civilization, their more specific goal was revealed in this episode. The CRM has put everything on the line including the retrieval of their deep-cover asset, Huck (Annet Mahendru), and all this to recruit Hope Bennett (Alexa Mansour) into their organization for her apparently brilliant mind.

Putting aside the fact that the CRM slaughtered everyone at the Campus Colony after Hope and her group left the place (simply because we don't know why they did that, yet), it seems like they put in a lot of effort to achieve an easy goal. Considering that Hope's father has been quite happy to work for the organization, would it really have been that difficult to get Hope to agree to work with them? Granted, when we first see Hope she bears a considerable amount of distrust towards the organization, but the largest part of the reason for that is that they took her father away from her. So by reuniting the Bennets, they make Hope happy, bring in Iris (Aliyah Royale) - who was already hoping to work with the organization - and take no risk that Hope and Iris die from a random walker on their way to CRM headquarters.

Instead, the CRM took their deep-seated undercover agent out of play, put both Hope and Iris at risk (considering the number of times the both of them nearly died), lied needlessly to their father, and also inexplicably, insisted that Hope come alone, without her group by her side. It's baffling why they would do this and increasingly baffling as to why they would choose to do this now as if time was of the essence. They had already been waiting for years for Hope to grow up to the age she is, would a few years really have made that much more of a difference? It's not like Hope had a lot of career prospects in the post-apocalypse and working for the CRM comes with major benefits.

The CRM has gone full old-school comic book villain, using their considerable power and planning for a convoluted plan that could have been executed a lot more easily with a lot less coercion, blackmail and death. All that's left for them to do is to bind Hope in a maniacal death-trap while monologuing about their insane, impossible plans, which might actually spice Season 2 up a bit, so here's hoping.

'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' is expected to return in 2021.

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