'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' Premiere fails to impress fans as they find it 'too preppy and civilized'

Some fans are tired of the ever-expanding world of 'The Walking Dead', while others feel the show veers away from the survivalist aesthetic of the franchise

                            'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' Premiere fails to impress fans as they find it 'too preppy and civilized'
Still from 'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' (AMC)

Coming right after the long-awaited and much-delayed 'The Walking Dead' Season 10 finale, fans itching for more zombie apocalypse action got to see the world premiere of the all-new 'The Walking Dead' spin-off, 'World Beyond', and it's not making much of a strong impact. Whether it's because the show is set up in immediate comparison to a series that's 10 seasons strong, or because the show is just not that interesting on its own, viewers have not been very receptive to the new series' first episode, so it's probably good that the show has a limited run.

A number of fans have questioned the need for a spin-off in the first place. Between 10 seasons of 'The Walking Dead', five of 'Fear the Walking Dead', a promised 'Tales of the Walking Dead' series and now 'World Beyond', the world can feel a little too expansive, and a new series really needs to be top tier quality to convince fans to invest even more of their lives into this zombie-infested universe. "TWD World Beyond isn’t exactly that interesting. I’ve never understood the TWD timeline and this show just adds to that confusion. Not to mention the acting is so-so," writes one disgruntled fan. "I am not interested in seeing a coming of age story in a post-apocalyptic show. It's been done before, and done way better than whatever vain effort has been applied to The World Beyond. The comics ended, so should The Walking Dead show and all spin offs," writes another. "I don’t want it to end .... these new show sucks already ... world beyond no no TWD is not replaceable!" emphasizes a third.






Another complaint with the series is that fans feel that the show veers away from the gritty, survivalist aesthetic that defines 'The Walking Dead' with some even comparing the show to ones seen on a channel meant for a relatively more youthful audience. "#WorldBeyond didn't do it for me... gave me heavy CW vibes but imma ride it out cuz I'm loyal to the fanbace," says a fan. "Halfway through The World Beyond, not loving it. The actoring meh. They are too clean too preppy, too civilized," writes this viewer. "I’m not a fan of teen based shows & already not liking The World Beyond. Everyone is super clean & cars have gas," writes another. "I’m losing patience with TWD World Beyond. Not holding my interest or attention," writes this fan, harshly.






It's not the strong opening that AMC must have been hoping for, but with two seasons of the show having been confirmed, there is plenty of time for the show to pick up the slack. Now that the teens have left the safety of their home, it's altogether possible that the "civilized" nature of the show is thrown right out the window.  

The next episode of 'The Walking Dead' airs on October 11 at 10:15 pm ET on AMC.