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'The Walking Dead' star Samantha Morton plans to grow shrooms on old country farm: 'I wanna be Mushroom Lady'

Morton is currently living on a farm in the North of England, located in what's called Brontë Country, and she's got a few ideas for what crops to grow
Samantha Morton (Getty Images)
Samantha Morton (Getty Images)

Samantha Morton's Alpha was one of the break-out stars of 'The Walking Dead' Season 10 but now that she's off the show, it looks like she's getting into something a little trippier. The English actor appeared on an episode of 'Friday Night In With The Morgans', hosted by her 'TWD' co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his wife Hilarie Burton Morgan. Morton is currently living on a farm in the North of England, located in what's called Brontë Country, and she's got a few ideas on what crops to grow. In fact, Morton really wants to go back and complete her schooling so she can grow herself a mushroom farm.

"I wanna grow mushrooms," she explained. "I wanna be Mushroom Lady. I'm going back to school and learning about how to grow mushrooms for two reasons, mushrooms are amazing for the brain and like a super-food and I wanna learn all about that and you know, on that vibe. Because obviously the restaurants can't have my mushrooms at the moment."

"And then I want to probably do something that's illegal and grow psychedelic mushrooms, you know, for medical research," she added. "That's very Aldous Huxley of you," Hilarie laughed.

Samantha Morton (AMC)

Morton also spoke about her time on 'The Walking Dead' and how she misses working with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, especially because most male co-stars tend to be a lot more egotistical.

"I miss you," she said. "And I think, without being rude, there are a lot of male actors I've worked with that have got really odd egos and are not really there for other people. So I wanna say thank you to you for being so cool and kind but still brilliant. Like you're still taking your stuff seriously so you're incredible, and you are. But I don't know, I miss it. I miss Georgia, I miss the people."

This episode of 'Friday Night In' also featured Patton Oswalt and his wife Meredith Salenger as well as Liz Yearwood, Jeffrey and Hilarie's son Gus Morgan's favorite teacher. The show is a half-hour talk show where the Morgans meet up with friends over video chat and have conversations about what's been going on in their lives during the coronavirus lockdown.

'Friday Night In With The Morgans' airs on Fridays at 10 pm ET on AMC.