'The Voice' Season 20 Finale: Will Victor Solomon steal the top spot from front runner Cam Anthony?

'The Voice' Season 20 Finale: Will Victor Solomon steal the top spot from front runner Cam Anthony?
Victor Solomon and Cam Anthony are among the top five finalists on 'The Voice' Season 20 (Instagram@nbcthevoice)

And then there were five. It was time for the final five finalists of 'The Voice' Season 20 to take to the stage on May 24 night. Each of the finalists would perform twice, once with a performance dedicated to an important person in their life and then with a more upbeat number. The show kicked off with a chat with Kenzie Wheleler and Kelly Clarkson sitting down with Carson Daly, talking about Kenzie's journey on 'The Voice' and why they chose a George Strait song 'Heartland' for the finale.

Adding to the energy around Kenzie's performance was an actual live audience bobbing around with cowboy hats. All through Season 20 of 'The Voice' the audience has only been a virtual one. The audience in the party pit and Kenzie's performance had the two-part finale, which plays out over May 24 and May 25 off to a good start. Some fans however expressed their concern that 'The Voice' has started to become too focused on country music. One fan tweeted, "I really can’t enjoy this show anymore because of how country it is #TheVoice "




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The show then moved onto a more emotional note, with Victor Solomon reading out a love letter to his partner and then dedicating 'I Can't Make You Love Me' to her. This may not sound like the most romantic song choice, but Solomon said it made sense considering he needed to give his partner space at the beginning of their relationship. While Solomon normally blows the fans away, this performance didn't have the fans particularly feeling the love. 

One fan tweeted, "Nice smooth effort by Victor -- but I think it was just that -- "nice" #TheVoice."



Up next was Jordan Matthew Young who many have felt didn't deserve a spot in the finale. But it seems that Young proved them wrong. With impressive vocals, his slide guitar work, and his innate sense of style, some felt that Jordan was the the best performance of the night so far. One fan tweeted, "That performance by Jordan, his whole vibe, his bluesy artistic genius, his stellar guitar playing, his growly heartfelt vocals. There is no one like him there; they're right. He's one of my favorites. C'mon Cam and Jordan! #thevoice @blakeshelton
#teamblake "

Another fan tweeted, "Jordan is somehow simultaneously the most current and the most throwback performer and I LOVE IT #TheVoice. "



Another fan tweeted, "#TheVoice I wanna say this jordan matthew young sounds really good tonight and is good and great job tonight so far he is the best performance tonight @jmyoungmusic."



Up next it was Rachel Mac's performance which she dedicated to her eight-month-old nephew and talked about her emotional back story of being the child of single parent and how she hoped her little nephew would overcome similar odds. But while Rachel's vocals as she sang 'I Hope You Dance' were on point, her fashion choice while always quirky, wasn't. One fan tweeted, "Oh Rachel, this is beautiful! But who told you dress like the Statue of Liberty? #TheVoice "


Up next it was time for Blake Shelton to take to the stage and perform his single 'Minimum Wage' and there was a little surprise in store for Shelton after his performance with a video message commemorating Shelton's ten years on 'The Voice' from his fiancee Gwen Stefani and also importantly from some of the contestants that Shelton has mentored over the years. The other judges good-naturedly asked what this propaganda was so close to the finale. They were assured that they would get a video like this when they finished ten years on 'The Voice'. You know, however, that when a contestant is on their way to stardom, the audience is keener to see a contestant perform than a coach. That was certainly the case with Cam Anthony of Team Blake. One fan tweeted, "Nobody wants to hear Blake perform. We want Cam #TheVoice "



Fans certainly got what they were waiting for. One fan tweeted, "@CamAnthony is everything we all need right now!!! Absolutely beautiful! #TheVoice." Another fan tweeted, "Did y’all just watch @CamAnthony ’s version of “Stand up” on #TheVoice just now?!" A fan of Cam also tweeted, "Cam better freaking win this show! Holy hell that was amazing. #TheVoice #VoiceFinale."









Up next it was time for Kenzie to take to the stage for the second time with his dedication to his hometown Dover, Florida. Talking about his hometown led the singer to break down as he recollected all the good memories of his hometown. For Kenzie it was his second performance of the night that seemed to do the trick with fans. One fan tweeted, "@KenzieWheeler will make a mark in country music. He's that good. What a voice. So reminiscent of those great 90s country voices. You deserve to win this thing. @kellyclarkson



It was then time for Rachel Mac and Nick Jonas to sit down for chat with Carson Daly to talk about how far she has come from her one chair turn on 'The Voice'. Rachel's presentation on Shelton has become something of a legend on this season of 'The Voice', but Rachel clearly didn't want Nick to feel left out and made a presentation on Nick as well. As for her presentation when it came to her second song of the night, one fan tweeted, "Rachel is good. But! Not a great rendition of a Stevie Nick's song. Only 17 tho, so she'll get better. #TheVoice. "



It was then time for Jordan to take to the stage again this time with a dedication to both his grandmothers who inspired his love for music, creativity and nature. Jordan's take on Rihanna's 'Stay' had fans impressed. One fan tweeted, "LOVE JM Young's rendition of Rihanna's "Stay". Way to make it your own. #TheVoice "



Another fan tweeted, "West Coast!! Wait til you all hear Jordan Matthew Young's version of Rihanna's "Stay"!! Stellar!! #TeamBlake #TheVoice @NBCTheVoice



But while Jordan was getting appreciation coming in albeit a little later in the competition, it seems that Jordan and the rest of the finalists were just playing for second at this point. Cam Anthony chose to sing 'Wanted Dead or Alive' by Bon Jovi. Shelton told Cam if you dont' win this thing "Im setting the building on fire". While Shelton and the other judges had doubts about Cam's song choice, it seems that for the fans Cam can do no wrong. 

One fan tweeted, "@CamAnthony ... What?!?!? Yes!!! Wanted Dead or Alive !!! It’s a wrap! He wins!! Cam don’t win, we all jump in!!! #TheVoice."



Another fan tweeted, "@CamAnthony can sing ANYTHING! He’s effortless. He IS A SUPERSTAR #TheVoice #TheVoicefinale@NBCTheVoice
#TeamBlake @blakeshelton."



While Cam over the last few episodes has brought the show to a close, this time it was Solomon who was the last to perform. It was quite a task to take to the stage after Cam but did he manage to hold his own? The answer to that was four yeses from the judges who were blown away by his singing, rapping and dancing. Fans seemed to agree. One fan tweeted, "Ummm...one more: Did. You. Guys. See. Victor Solomon. Just. Sing. Freedom?!?! Wow. Just...wow. #TheVoice". A thrilled fan shared, "Me trying to recover from Victor's performance #TheVoice. " While another viewer said: "Victor said he know he probably isn’t going to win (based on history of winners) so might as well go out with the most epic #TheVoice performance ever."









Will Victor's last performance however change Cam's status as the front runner on the show? Tune into part two of the finale of 'The Voice' on Tuesday May 25 at 8 pm on NBC to find out. 

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