‘The Voice’ Season 19 Finale: Who is the winner? Meet the brilliant Top 5 contestants battling for the crown

After all the twists and turns, John Holiday, Desz, Jim Ranger, Carter Rubin and Ian Flanigan made it to the finale where they performed they debuted their respective original tracks

                            ‘The Voice’ Season 19 Finale: Who is the winner? Meet the brilliant Top 5 contestants battling for the crown
'The Voice' 19 (NBC)

The Season 19 of ‘The Voice’ saw it all, from unexpected vote outs to judges using the “save” and “steal” option to pick their favorite contestants, the latest season surely proved to be a roller coaster ride. The viewers had a ball voting for their favorite singers and making them reach the top five. After all the twists and turns, John Holiday, Desz, Jim Ranger, Carter Rubin and Ian Flanigan made it to the finale where they performed the covers and also debuted their respective original tracks hoping to charm the audience. Since the finale is almost here, we shed light on who the top 5 contestants are and who deserves to win.

 John Holiday

John Holiday (NBC)

The 35-year-old artist from Texas is a trained opera singer and is also a professor at the Conservatory of Music at Lawrence University. Holiday grew up singing in church and learned to play the piano with encouragement from his grandmother. His sharp singing skills were quite visible throughout his entire journey in Season 19 of ‘The Voice.’ Apart from Opera, Holiday is also a pro at gospel and jazz. Though he has witnessed a lot of ups and downs in the show he always got thumbs from the judges. But does he deserve to win this season of the singing reality show? Maybe not, because his last two or three performances have not really lived up to the mark. Fans have called his voice “shrill” and “unpleasant” on several occasions.

Ian Flanigan

Ian Flanigan (NBC)

Blake Shelton has been rooting for his team member Ian Flanigan from day one as the legendary country singer feels he has got what it takes it to be a winner of ‘The Voice’ Season 19. The 30-year-old singer-songwriter from New York was the last one to fill the top five spots in the finale as he got saved after America voted for him. Ian traveled around playing in bands but also dealt with addiction. After getting sober, he then focused on his family and now, he also travels full time for music. The fan-favorite, Ian does deserve to win as his country voice with a hint of R&B surely makes him stand out of the crowd. If he wins the show, this will make Team Blake’s a record eighth win in ‘The Voice.’


Desz (NBC)

A shy individual as a kid, the 30-year-old singer from Houston, Texas is now an extrovert and a confident woman which is clearly visible in all her ‘The Voice’ performances. Desz’s coach Kelly Clarkson even got teary-eyed after seeing her performance in the finale. The talented crooner has time and again proved why she is in the music business for the long run. For the unversed, Desz is part of Kanye West's Sunday Service Choir and spent the last year touring the world playing sold-out shows. Desz certainly deserves to win ‘The Voice’ 19 as she has always got the love from all the judges and the audience whenever she performed on the stage.

 Jim Ranger

Jim Ranger (NBC)

The 38-year-old California resident is the second member from Team Blake who made it to the finale of ‘The Voice’ Season 19. The talented crooner started singing at the age of four and learned the guitar at 13. Ranger works as a campus pastor and worship leader at his dad’s church. Blake might have shown a lot of confidence in the singer, however, if we look at the reactions of the Internet from last his semi-finale and finale performances, he might not really lift the trophy.

 Carter Rubin

Carter Rubin (NBC)

Gwen Stefani has been a super proud coach from the day she picked the 15-year-old Carter Rubin in her team. The New York resident has shown some exceptional skills on ‘The Voice’ season 19 at such a young age. Carter grew up in a musical family and was inspired by his grandfather, a guitarist and backup vocalist for Jay and the Americans. The young lad has always been open about his elder brother, Jack, who has autism. He performs in his school’s musicals and various community events including the foundations concerned with autism. The judges and the Internet love him and he surely deserves to win but we can’t deny the fact that there are very slim chances of it as singers like Ian and Desz will prove to be tough competitors.
‘The Voice season 19’ finale will continue on Tuesday, December 15 at 8 pm PT/ET on NBC. The viewers can also watch the singing reality show on the official website of NBC and on their official app along with the network's new streaming service Peacock. Viewers can cast their votes by using The Voice's official app, or on NBC.com/VoiceVote. Also, for the first time this season, host Carson Daly revealed, fans can also vote using Google Assistant on their phones or Nest devices by just saying, “Hey Google, vote for The Voice.”

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