'The Voice' Season 18: With just one woman in top 5, furious fans are convinced 'America hates women'

Five women had to battle it out for the final spot in the Top 5 and fans say it just isn't fair

                            'The Voice' Season 18: With just one woman in top 5, furious fans are convinced 'America hates women'

Team Kelly Clarkson's Micah Iverson, Team Nick Jonas' Thunderstorm Artis, Team John Legend's Camwess and Team Blake Shelton's Todd Tilghman are through to the finale.

Fans of the finalists couldn't be happier. "Congratulations to @micahciverson!!! #TheVoice," tweeted one fan, while another one said, "Way to go @micahciverson!!!"

"THUNDERSTORM MADE THE FINALS THUNDERSTORM MADE THE FINALS!!!! #TheVoice," tweeted one excited fan, and another said, "YES CAMMWESS MADE IT TO THE FINALE." One added, "America finally did something right."

"Much love for Teneisha but based on last night, Todd's performance, and especially the production, was better. Now go grab that wildcard girl. #TheVoice," stated one fan.

Only 10 minutes into the show and many viewers were displeased. "Watching #TheVoice, and I’m already pissed. WTF, America?" asked one viewer, while another shared, "The way one person from each team is safe is so dumb the 5 with the highest votes should be in the finale #TheVoice." One tweeted, "Figures. This season hates the better singers #thevoice."

Joanna Serenko (NBC)

However, many viewers were upset for a different reason. One tweeted, "The girls getting voted out... America hates women. #TheVoice," and another stated, "Seriously?! We need at least one girl in the finale!!!" Admittedly, going from a Top 9 with five female contestants to a Top 5 with only one does seem like quite the jump.

And viewers were once again upset with the new format, stating, "#TheVoice It's getting more like american idol! What ever happened to the best going on! Not one from each team!" while another viewer said, "@ #TheVoice why are you saving 1 person per team!?! I thought the most votes (not by team) moved on??? This is wrong!!"

Some were angry the show did not do a good job at spelling out the rules, stating, "#TheVoice why don’t they explain the rules when you are voting/before you vote? Why weren’t we told that one person from each team HAD to advance? I like both of Nicks people, yet didn’t vote for either of Kelly’s people. Had I known, it would have changed my vote! Cheez!"

Another viewer tweeted, "A shame this BS covid has ruined such a great show like #TheVoice."

The five remaining contestants — Megan Danielle, Allegra Miles, Zan Fiskum, Joanna Serenko and Toneisha Harris — battled it out for the final spot in the Top 5. Naturally, their fans were anxious and angry. "Ya’ll better get on the app when it’s time and vote for miss allegra to be saved... she deserves #TeamNick #TheVoice," stated one viewer, "Save @toneishaharris tonight. #TheVoice," tweeted another. One viewer said, "Y’all best help me support @_megan_danielle to make #TheVoice finale. She was ROBBED. I am ticked. This young lady has one of those one in a million voices."

Toneisha Harris (NBC)

And after five emotional performances and only a quick five-minute vote, the contestant America put through to the finale is Toneisha.

Some fans were happy, tweeting, "Toneisha gets dumped the whole night, jee-zus. I hope her Aretha chops win the show. And all American women take a f' stand." Another fan shared, "@toneishaharris I can’t express enough how ecstatic I am that you are moving forward. You saved me from a full on #TheVoice boycott @blakeshelton."

Others, however, weren't as pleased with the results.

"Still in shock that @allegramiles and @zanfiskum didn’t make it to #TheVoice finale....." stated one fan, "Y’all need an a** whoopin for sending Allegra home. #TheVoice," tweeted one angry fan.

Another said, "Allegra and Megan should’ve been in the finale instead of Todd and Micah but that’s me. I do not like this new format change, producers need to observe how the fans feel about their ever changing elimination twists and see how upset it’s making them." One fan shared, "@joannaserenko you are too talented to not be in the final 5. I know you will shoot for the stars. Can’t wait to hear your first album!"

Many fans, however, were inconsolable, tweeting, "I’m DONE with #TheVoice."

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