'The Voice' Season 18: Toneisha Harris wins hearts with Celine Dion song, coaches urge America to vote for her

Both Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton offered the singer a spot in their 2021 tours as fans took to Twitter to sing her praises

                            'The Voice' Season 18: Toneisha Harris wins hearts with Celine Dion song, coaches urge America to vote for her
Toneisha Harris (NBC)

Team Blake Shelton's Toneisha Harris boldly tackles Celine Dion's 'Because You Love Me' in dedication to the medical workers on the frontlines battling the coronavirus pandemic.

Toneisha also had another reason for this week's song choice: The singer just celebrated 24 years of marriage with her husband. She was surrounded by a stunning floral arrangement during her coaching session, gifted to her by her loving spouse, stating that they had to make the best of the quarantine situation by sharing a lovely meal together at home instead.

Hope, one of Toneisha's biggest fans, introduced her performance, stating that as a mother she understood what it meant to put one's dreams on hold for their family, adding she was glad the contestant was finally getting to share her gift with the world. And as Toneisha effortlessly and flawlessly belted out the Celine Dion classic, it's clear that 'gifted' is the perfect word to describe her talent.

"Yes yes yes Toneisha that performance was absolutely lovely!!! #TheVoice," tweeted one fan while another stated, "Toneisha is a powerhouse!! She definitely has the voice to sing that song. I was singing along because I loved the performance!!"

One fan said, "Toneisha is the Gladys Knight of this generation. Holy crap!. She must win #TheVoice." Another tweeted, "Toneisha you were awesome! Love, love, loved your performance. You killed it!!!!".

One viewer shared, "#Toneisha That was so Great! You had me crying girl."

"Toneisha, that was absolutely gorgeous. I know when God made you he said, “I’m giving her the voice of an angel.” Also, Happy Anniversary!!" stated a fan while another said, "Toneisha is THE artist this season!! So incredibly talented. She just killed it yet again, goosebumps!!"

One fan tweeted, "Toneisha sang the hell out of that song. she could also be a muse for hercules. wow! a talent! #TheVoice," and now it's hard to imagine a live-action Hercules without her.

Kelly Clarkson seemed at a loss for words as she stumbled to find the right thing to say, adding that Toneisha wasn't even on her team but she hoped America would vote for her. Kelly went on to offer Toneisha a spot in her 2021 tour, stating the current setup on 'The Voice' did not do Toneisha's performance justice. Blake says if he gets to play another show again, Toneisha is welcome to play with him too, stating she belonged in the finale.

"WHAT!!!!! Did you hear Kelly’s offer to Taneisha!!!????? SHE SAID YESSSSSSSSSSSS," tweeted one incredulous fan while another joked, "Lmaoooooooooo Jobs all around for Toneisha."

Many fans also pointed out that America did not vote for Toneisha last week despite her getting rave reviews from both fans and the coaches. "I swear if Toneisha is not in the finale, I’m done with this," tweeted one fan, adding, "She literally got offered to sing on tour by Kelly and Blake. Man she could and deserves to win."

Another stated, "The fact y’all aren’t voting for toneisha shows this is a popularity contest and not about talent, anyways vote toneisha. #TheVoice."

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