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'The Voice' Season 18: Among Team Legend's Zan Fiskum, Mike Jerel and Mandi Castillo, who will win?

Team Legend's versatility gives us everything from a whimsical Bob Dylan to powerful soulful vocals and multilingual song choices
Zan Fiskum, Mike Jerel, and Mandi Castillo (NBC)
Zan Fiskum, Mike Jerel, and Mandi Castillo (NBC)

Team John Legend's Live Playoffs began with a magical performance of Bob Dylan's 'Blowin' in the Wind' from Zan Fiskum, followed by Mike Jerel's soulful rendition of K-Ci & JoJo's 'All My Life' and Mandi Castillo's passionate performance of 'Corre'.

Fans instantly loved Zan's performance, tweeting "Zan Fiskum gives an earthly and accessible performance. Full of emotion and dynamic integrity. Love how she navigates her range to great effect. This had my heart racing. #TheVoice." Another fan stated, "@zanfiskum has a lovely voice and you canNOT change my mind about it. #TheVoice."

Many were also in love with Zan's home. "Loved the camper!" tweeted one fan and another said, "Love your cute beautiful home! Loved your song too!! Wtg Zane."

John also showered Zan with praise, stating her performance showed nuance and subtlety due to the purposeful choices she made with it. Kelly Clarkson called it the best version of the song she has ever heard.

Many fans agreed, tweeting "That was gorgeous! My uncle played that for us back in the 60s when we were camping and you not only brought back a happy memory, but you sang the heck out of it. Great performance. Vote for Zan!"

But some viewers couldn't get past the pre-recorded lives, tweeting "How is this even real? The performances are not live!? I’m not criticizing I’m just not convinced that it’s what it’s supposed to be!" Another responded, "None of them are, they were all recorded earlier to ensure no issues with streaming. I can't say I was a fan of this particular performance."

Mike's take on K-Ci & JoJo's 'All My Life' featured some masterful runs and soulful vocals, but not all were fans of it.

One viewer tweeted, "Mike Jerel is taking me back but this is floundering a bit. It is lacking the intimacy and immediacy of the prior performances. His vocal also isn’t totally locked into the music. No doubt that he’s a talent, but he is the weakest so far. IMO #TheVoice." Others, however, were fans of the performance, tweeting "@MikeJerel sounds like a newly, extraordinary, fascinating, refined Usher.'

John commended Mike's creativity, complimenting his ability to adapt the song to his own style. Mandi was up next with the Spanish song 'Corre'.

"@Official_mandiC still takes us to a Latin paradise!! #TheVoice," tweeted one fan, while another stated, "Mandi Castillo has got spirit. #TheVoice."

Some were fans of the Spanish song choice, stating "Mandy Castillo has such a pleasing tone, is emoting well, and touching me even tho I know very little Spanish. Music really is universal. #TheVoice," while others wondered if it was the right choice, asking "Go Mandi but is singing in Spanish going to get her votes #VoiceLIves Mandi best so far on #TeamLegend."

Another responded, "I hope so cuz she’s got a beautiful voice whether English or Spanish."

John called her performance and technique flawless, stating she is equally humble and passionate.

With such positive and glowing comments from judges and viewers back home, looks like Team Legend is going to make the decision difficult for all of us.